4 Things Not to Post on Social Media During the Holidays

The yuletide season is the best time of the year to collect beautiful memories. While some holiday celebrations are worth sharing to your social media friends, other more intimate events are best kept within people closest to you.

Here are the things we believe you’re better off not sharing on social media during this most wonderful time of the year.

1. All the gifts you got
It can be fun to compare gifts with friends, but remember that others are not as fortunate as you, and the expenses during the holidays can be a discreet reminder of overdue mortgage, credit depths and what may not be under the tree this year. Enjoy your gifts and be thankful, but be sensitive to other people’s lack of.

2. The gifts you didn’t like
Christmas is the best time to exercise gratitude. So, instead of rolling your eyes when you get a gift you didn’t quite like, smile and say thank you. Even if you wished your partner would have bought better than it or you are annoyed with another knitted sweater from your mom, it is always better to keep it offline. Remember the value of your relationship with these people rather than the value of the gifts you received.

3. The drama in the family
Just like your group of girl friends, all families have secrets too and you probably do not like every single one of your cousin, uncle or aunt. But if you want to throw shade to one of your cousin or reveal an estranged aunt’s bad habit, the social media is not the best venue for any of that. It will only ruin a meaningful and enjoyable family celebration since majority of your family members are also active in social media.

4. Your fight with beau
Okay, so you asked your husband to pick up the mini fruit cakes you planned to giveaway to every family member after the family dinner, but he forgot. Now you’re scrambling to make gingerbread cookies instead before everyone arrives. As tempting it may be to post a rant or sarcastic post about your husband, take a deep breath and stay away from your phone or laptop as much as you can. Again, the social media is not the best place to resolve any problem. Keep it between you and your partner, work it out together and move on for the sake of the fun Christmas spirit.

The holiday season is supposed to be celebrated festively with family, friends and people close to heart. Do not let your social media life negatively impact a joyful Christmas season.

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