5 Telltale Signs That He Respects You


It takes more than just love to keep a relationship happy and strong. For a relationship to last, you and your partner should always treat each other respectfully. No woman should allow her man to ridicule her for the sake of his contentment. It is important to recognize the signs that he respects you because trust, love, and respect are the key ingredients to a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

couple in love

  1. He Listens To You

If your boyfriend listens when you talk and responds appropriately, that’s a clear sign of attentiveness and respect. When a person truly loves you, your thoughts greatly matters for him because this is the only way for him to know what you have in mind and can truly please you.

  1. He Lets You Feel Wanted

Organizing time spent between friends and lovers is a tricky thing for most guys. In most cases, guys don’t want to skip boys’ night out for their girlfriends nor bring you with him while hanging out with friends. However, if he cancels a night out or welcomes you to his circle every once in a while, you can almost guarantee that he’s a keeper.

  1. He Teases You Cutely, Not Cruelly

Do you remember when your mother used to tell you that when a boy teases you, it’s because he likes you? While the same thing applies to adults, your man’s jokes on you should not hurt or offend you. If you become the constant subject of his jokes or he teases you in a way that everyone could hear, it’s an obvious sign that he doesn’t respect you.


  1. He Shows Up On time

Nothing could be more frustrating than waiting for someone who’s notoriously late. If a man cannot put in the extra effort to be somewhere on time for you, take this as a warning sign. Discuss this with him. If he still doesn’t improve, consider the obvious—he simply doesn’t care.

  1. He Gives You Your Freedom

If your beau lets you live your life the way you want it and doesn’t have objections with you spending time with your friends regularly, it means he respects and trusts you. Although he should want to be with you, he should also respect your individuality and independence.

Love and respect should go hand in hand. Without the latter, it’s difficult to sustain a lasting relationship. Like any other types of relationship (e.g. parents-daughter/son relationship, employer-employee relationship, teacher-student relationship, etc.), respect makes two different persons/parties live harmoniously together.


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