5 Tips to Make Your Statement Piece Work in Your Home

Got your eye on a home fixture that’s absolutely stunning, but worried that it might be a bit of a statement-maker? Leave your second thoughts behind, and purchase it. Always remember that there’s always a trick to make even the most eye-catching piece work in a simple-looking home. As what the great Bunny Williams once said: “If you love something it will work – that is the only real rule.”


  1. Let the Piece Stand Out. If the piece you bought is that much of a statement, let its beauty stand out by keeping other pieces smaller and less ornate. A good rule of thumb: Never fill a room with two or more statement pieces. If you do, your room will look like as if it’s shouting at you.


  1. Mix Things Up. Figure out what type of furniture it is – is it complicated or simple, new, old, painted or wooden? – and try mixing or pairing it up with its opposites. Organic pieces go well with geometric, busy with simple, and dark with light. Doing so will add interest in the overall aesthetic of the room.


  1. Go Back to Basics. Got a bright-coloured statement piece? Then pull out your colour wheel and see what shades go well with your furniture, but don’t stick only with the same tone. Try out interesting colour pairings by choosing complementing hues and see if it works well with your room’s colour palette.


  1. Play With Patterns. One good way to make a patterned statement piece work is to combine it with other patterned accents. However, remember to pair up patterns that don’t have the same scale (e.g. large patterns like bold stripes matched with smaller prints) to create a sense of balance.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment. When incorporating statement pieces in your home—or redecorating your home in general—keep this rule in mind: Don’t be afraid to play. Think outside of the box and experiment with what you have. Don’t hesitate to shuffle things up, because sometimes the smallest tweaks can make a huge difference in balancing everything out.

Whether it’s a humungous antique jar or a modernist chandelier, a statement piece has to be displayed strategically to fit to the existing look of your home. However, don’t limit yourself to the basics; it’s still your own personal style that matters.


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