6 Awesome Ways You Can Use Your Baby Powder


Baby powder can go beyond keeping baby’s skin fresh and smooth. In fact, this product has a host of other uses in the realm of beauty. Here are some of our favourite uses of baby powder.



1. Dry Shampoo Substitute: Out of dry shampoo? Sprinkle some baby powder at the roots of your hair to absorb excess oil. For dark hair, mix your baby powder with cocoa powder. For red hair, mix in some cinnamon powder. Finger comb your hair after application to distribute evenly and soften the white cast.

2. Eye Primer: Sometimes, eye primers can be expensive. Create your own version by mixing a pinch of powder and a couple of pumps of your liquid foundation. Apply this all over your eyelids before putting on your eye shadow. The natural white cast of the baby powder will make the colours look more vivid.

3. Beach Sand Cleanup: Sure, sunbathing gives you a good tan, but being covered in sand can get messy. Brush off sand easily by sprinkling baby powder on your body. The water, oil, and sweat that are causing the sand to cling to the skin will be absorbed by the powder, making dusting off easier.


4. Pre-Wax Care: Slather some baby powder on the area of the skin you’ll be waxing. Doing so lets the wax cling only to the hair follicles—not so much on the skin, preventing stinging pain during the procedure.

5. Makeup Setting Powder: Save your Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder for special occasions and dust some Johnson’s Baby Powder on your face with a big fluffy brush to set your makeup. Just make sure to only apply a very small amount to keep it translucent. Reapply this throughout the day to keep your skin looking oil-free.

6. Brow Volume Booster: Before coating your arches with brow mascara, dust some powder on them using any small brush to thicken the hair follicles. The result? Your very own version of Cara Delevingne’s power brows.

Baby powders are a staple household item. Take your beauty gaming to a whole new level with this very economical product.


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