Abstract but Understandable

The beauty of creative writing is the free flow of uncontrollable thoughts and concepts scattered like stars in the sky but then connect as liquid fills your eyes and light Is scattered around as if they are related to one another. Oh the beauty of creative writing. Sadly, sometimes when we are too preoccupied with our abstract thoughts, we tend to forget about the importance of being understood. As silly as it sounds, we focus more on content when we are in our creative state of mind which is a good thing but it also needs a followup. Our content needs to be understood.

Now, how do we do this? Well, we need to organize our thoughts and ideas. You can’t leave a piece of art scattered on the floor! You have to put the pieces together, find a good spot, and display it for your world to see.

Art is a beautiful expression. Yes, art is an expression. Art is often seen in it’s physical or metaphysical form when it is translated and easily appreciated through music, paintings, writing, and so much more. What’s wrong with art in it’s purest form? Well, it is very abstract. Some people even argue that art breaks the laws of science. It is understandable that it is hard to understand. But then again, what a waste, if you have a piece of art you want to scatter around the walls of this universe, why not share it with others in a way where they can understand?

Well, you can do this by finding your medium. Some people find it in poetry, some in sound, some in paintings, and others in conversations. Conversations is one of the mediums people forget to recognize. Is it the frequent use of conversations that it has slowly lost it’s beauty? Or is it the fault of the artist forgetting that even words can paint a beautiful picture?

Using language to express your art has two goals, to get your message out of your chest and also to get that message into the minds and hearts of your audience. Art is someone a sacred travel from the purest form of art into the digestible bits of information we feed others to chew on.

Dissect your art into bits and pieces and make sure those bits and pieces are digestible to your audience. If it takes a great effort to elaborate one little piece of the puzzle, invest your energy on the perfect elaboration of that little piece. Slowly but surely, those little pieces you were working on make the whole puzzle. Don’t give up on abstract thoughts, bring them to life.

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