Celebrating Edible Delights  


Every year, Singapore celebrates the Food Festival. The Festival is organized by the Singapore Tourism Board. The Food Festival celebrates hawker delights. Many people from neighbouring countries look forward to this event. They have to know that they will be treated with tasty events from July 17 to August 2, 2015.


There’s a line-up of events enough to make our lives juicy and flavourful. Here are some of the events that we should look forward:

  • Streat: If we are into tapa-style dishes, we should head to Marina Bay Sands. Streat features sixteen stalls consolidated by chef Justin Quek of Sky on 57. Aside from tapas, our favourite hawker foods will also be featured together with the dishes of chef Justin. We should anticipate modern twist on dishes like the bak kut the, pacific oysters and nasi kerabu. Streat will be on July 24 to 25, 2015 between 6 to 10 pm at Clifford Square. The good news here is free admission but we have to pay for our portions.
  • Theatrical Dinner: Now this is something new – whilst eating, we will know the island-city’s history. The dinner is at Fort Siloso where we can travel back in time through their five-course dinner tales. Chapter One is from July 22 to 25, 2015 between 6:30 to 9:30 pm at Fort Siloso.


  • Teochew Throwback: It is time for Teochew to be highlighted. This time Teochew cuisine will meet opera performances. The event is called “A Wok Down Memory Lane” which features thirty food carts. The event will be on July 24 to August 2, 2015 between 5 to 11 pm at Read Bridge. Admission is free but if we purchase food, it costs about S$2 to S$14.
  • Deliciously Singaporean Food Exhibition: The food exhibition will feature heritage hawker dishes. Celebrity chefs (like Jimmy Chok and Fen Ying) will also attend. It will be from July 17 to August 2, 2015 between 12nn to 11pm at Chinatown.
  • Series of workshops: This year is not all about eating foods but also about making delectable foods workshops. We can consider series of workshops conducted by Violet Oon; they will teach us different Eurasian and Peranakan cuisines.
  • Being a part of history: This year, chefs will make history by trying to set 2 Guinness World Records – largest amount of cooked curry and largest cooking vessel. This is something that we should look forward. Whether we set it or not, the important thing is we enjoyed the event.

There are plenty of events not mentioned here. It is time that we join such festivities and appreciate all the good things here.


5 Great Sports Bars in Singapore  

If you’re a sports fanatic who can’t come to the actual game, the next best place to watch the match is at a sports bar. Great thing there’s a lot of great bars here in the country catering to sports aficionados. Here are out top picks:


  1. Boomarang Bistro and Bar

This is the best spot for Aussies or anyone following Australian games. Boomarang regularly screens matches from the Land Down Under, including the NRL, AFL, super rugby and cricket Australia. A plus of the place is their delectable food choices, which include Australian favourites like pizzas, burgers, salads and seafood and grilled dishes.

  1. Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub

Say what you will about the Irish, but what you can’t deny about them is that they love sports and they love their drinks, which are the two things you ought to expect – nay, come for – at Muddy Murphy’s. This Irish pub features the biggest sporting event of the time like the World Cup and the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

  1. Beer Market @ Clarke Quay

This sports bar has a unique “beer exchange” concept, wherein the price of the beer actually fluctuates, going up or down depending on the demand (more orders means higher prices and vice-versa). It’s actually very fun and makes ordering a game in itself. The place also has a “happy hungry hour” when patrons can get a snack for just $4 or three snacks for only $10.


  1. Urban Fairways Golf Bar

The definite best hangout for golf lovers in the country, Urban Fairways features not just food and drinks and a great atmosphere, more importantly, they have golf simulators that customers can play using premium Taylor Made and Titleist golf equipment. The bar has also made a name as one of the best recreational hangouts in the CBD area for companies who want to hold mini tournaments or team bonding nights.

  1. Pyramid Sports Bar

Pyramid Sports Bar is a fun place to go to to unwind at the end of the day. It’s one of the, if not the best billiards hall in the country, featuring 14 international standard tables in all. Pyramid features a VIP room that can accommodate 15 people and has a large LCD TV – perfect for groups who want to watch an anticipated match in relative privacy.


7 Souvenir Items to Bring From Singapore  

Whether you’re a local visiting friends of family overseas or a tourist trying to bring home a piece of Singapore with you, these 7 items are what you ought to get.


  1. Bakkwa (BBQ Meat)

Barbecued slices of marinated meat – usually pork, but sometimes beef – bakkwa started out as a local favorite dish and has gone on to become a kind of traditional gift Singaporeans exchange during the Chinese New Year. Price is at $45–79 per kilo.

  1. Singapore Pressed Pennies

For $2 for each press, you can have a penny or other coins elongated, which makes for cool, unique souvenirs. Press machines are found in popular tourist spots all over the island.

  1. Souvenirs with Miniature Merlion

Nothing says you’ve been to Singapore like items featuring our country’s icon, the Merlion. With prices ranging from $2 to $20, merlion souvenirs include snow globes, fridge magnets, statuettes, pictures frames and even sweets.


  1. Singapore Sling

First concocted about 80 years ago at the Raffles Hotel Long Bar, the refreshing Singapore Sling has reached an international popularity. At $30– 80 per bottle, this drink is one of the coolest and classiest souvenir you can bring to your friends abroad.

  1. Laksa Paste

If you’re brining something for a fellow Singaporean who wants a taste of home, Laksa paste is the item to get. This noodle soup sells for just $5–10 per bottle.

  1. Kaya

Kaya is another Singaporean favorite that has an international appeal. It’s a special coconut jam that best placed on bread to make kaya toast, which is practically the country’s official breakfast.

  1. Golden Orchid

RISIS has 6 branches in the island, and all are making this popular souvenir, which is basically an orchid plated in gold. At just $60, it’s an ideal gift for a loved one.


Lower Prices on Housing Units

Buying a house is a major step when you want to start living in Singapore. A house is very important that even married couples make this their top priority in starting their life together as a couple.


A positive news for people looking to buy new homes in Singapore was just released. The prices of houses in Singapore are expected to drop further because of the strict deadline for developers to sell the remaining unsold inventory. This is according to the Japanese holdings company Nomura.

Nomura also explained that the unsold units must all be sold soon or else the residential projects will be fined heftily under the ABSD or Additional Buyers Stamp Duty.

The home builders are however, still reluctant to cut down prices but since we’ve reached 2015, they would surely comply in order to avoid paying the fines on the unsolved housing units.


The lower prices of housing units may encourage buyers especially because the housing units are in the market for an average cost of $2 million and lesser. This is the perfect time for potential buyers to return to the housing market and purchase the unsold housing inventory.

Moreover, the builders will also be able to benefit from the cutting down of housing prices because it can spur the government to change or amend current housing policies. The amount of unsold inventory can also serve as a wakeup call for the companies to change their marketing strategies to more effective ones so that by next season, there will be more units sold and lesser chances of cutting down home prices before the designated deadline.


Things That Should be in a Singaporean’s Backpack

In a city where busy people get together, things may go wrong and you might need something that is really needed. Since we all know that we are living I’m a busy city, it is better to prepare for every situation that may happen whether, you are on a bus or perhaps riding on your own car.


On the other hand, you need to ensure that you bring your backpack or maybe a thing wherein all important and useful things are placed. So, what are the items that you should put in your backpack? Below are some few significant yet beneficial things that must be on your backpack.

Money – First and foremost, this must be placed in your bag. You may forget other things but not your cash. For instance, your car suddenly breaks down. What will you do? Will you just fix it yourself? Of course! You will need the help of an expert. What if you don’t have money? Of all the things that should be on your bag, never forget your money.


First aid kit – You might say that it is only an extra load on your bag. But imagine how essential it is. When you felt like you’re not okay, you can take a tablet in your kit.

Mobile Phone Charger – In this modern era, cellphones are being brought by almost all people whether their young or old. But the thing here is that cellphones are battery-operated and not for unlimited use. Thus, wherever you go, you must put your charger on your backpack.



Crossing the Borderline of Singapore

Many people dreamed to visit to foreign countries. However, it will take years for one to go in any country around the world because of the many factors that hinders that passage to other countries. One reason why there are a lot of individuals that cannot easily depart from another country is money. Money is very important so that you can enter the country. Why?


That is because you are a tourist in the place. What’s the connection? It’s all about your safety. They are only avoiding grave incidents to happen especially with regards to tourists. Basically, tourists will go to a specific country to spend their money or to visit their loved ones.

Singapore Entry Requisites

In any immigration, there is always a rule to follow. In United Kingdom, British people with passports don’t need to have a visa to take a trip in Singapore. However, it must only last up to 30 days. Same thing goes with Americans, Australians and New Zealand people.

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What You’ll Need

If you really need to go to Singapore, you have to go to the immigration have yourself clear from illegal weapons, drugs, baggage, paraphernalia that may be used for terrorism or any act of violence. Once you arrived at Singapore, tourists are identified by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) personnel and check the luggage. Aside from that, you need to own the following:

  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Singapore visa (if there’s any)
  • Enough money during the stay in the country
  • Tickets for departure