Keep These Beauty Tips in Mind Before Using a Liquid Lipstick

It’s a common scenario—you’re running late and badly need to amp up your look. You don’t have enough time to re-do your make-up nor to create an elaborate smokey eyeshadow. Then, a bright idea pops up: lipstick!

While a bright matte liquid lipstick can turn your look from bland to bomb, doing it properly requires a little finesse. Here are some expert beauty tips to keep in mind when you want to perfect the liquid lipstick gaming.

1. One Swipe Is All You Need
Matte liquid lipsticks are extremely pigmented and very opaque in just one swipe. Of course, you can add one more layer if you want to intensify the color. But be careful as it can look too heavy and can sink into the lines of your lips.

2. It’s Not for No-Makeup Look
If you thought you can pair a makeup-free face with an intense lip, think again! A perfectly painted lip is just too striking, so you will need to polish your brows, coat your lashes with mascara and even out your skin tone to balance the boldness of your lips.

3. Patience Is a Virtue
Since it’s liquid, you need to apply the product with a steady hand. Make sure you’re applying it in a well-lit room and get yourself a mirror and a lip liner as well. The lip liner lets you trace the outline of your lips and makes it easier to apply the liquid formula without going over your lip shape.

4. Exfoliate and Moisturize
Dry and flaky lips is a no-no if you want to use a liquid lipstick, so get exfoliating and swipe on a layer of lip balm before you start putting on your makeup. Regardless the product says non-drying, you still want to scrub our puckers and get them moisturized enough to eradicate flaking and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

5. Resist the Urge to Rub Your Lips
Many of us have learned through the years of applying lipstick to rub the lips together to distribute the color evenly. But when it comes to using liquid lipstick, just don’t. These products work like paints. Work fast to apply the product evenly onto your lips, but once it starts to dry, avoid adding more onto it or disrupting it by pressing your lips together. After a single, even coat, stay your lips steady for a minute or two, and then pat lightly with your fingertips to check if it has totally dried and set.

Liquid lipsticks can be a bit more complicated to apply than traditional bullet lipsticks, but many still prefer using them. Enjoy its boldness and long-lasting effect by using them the right way.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Dark Under-Eye Circles

Every hard-working girl knows what long, sleepless nights can do – bring forth dark under-eye circles. While there’s no better cure than getting enough snoozes, there are still some easy and simple ways on how you can prevent or get rid of those dreaded half-moons. Here, we listed down some of the amazing hacks you can use to banish the tired look for good.

1. Get Enough Sleep and Stay Hydrated

There’s no fool-proof trick that can help you completely prevent under-eye circles, but there are certainly some things that you can do to minimize them. Getting enough shut-eye is key, but so is putting down your happy-hour drink. Excessive alcohol and salt consumption will dehydrate you, making your eyes appear puffier and worsening the discoloration. Also, don’t forget to apply a good amount of facial sunscreen, as the sun’s harmful UV rays could damage the skin and worsen the problem.

2. Use Eye Creams and Moisturizers

If its hyperpigmentation you want to deal with, then make great use of the topical treatments available in the market. Just be extra careful in using products with containing ingredients like retinoids, vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids, as they can irritate the sensitive skin around your eye area. Apply the same eye cream (ideally one boosted with ingredients like glycerine and hyaluronic acid) that you use at night every morning to improve the discoloration of your under-eye circles, as well as to help your concealer smooth on better.

3. Consider Laser Treatments and Filling Agents

Before undergoing a laser treatment or using any filling agent, be sure to consult a board-certified cosmetic physician or dermatologist first to ensure that you’ll get the best results. If the darkness in your under-eye area is caused by visible blood vessels, then the doctor can treat it using a vascular laser. If the culprit is your age, however, then using a hyaluronic-acid filling agent, such as Belotero or Restylane will likely solve your problem. Just avoid overfilling it so you won’t the bags under your eyes won’t end up looking like they grew.

While there’s no absolute way to prevent the appearance of under-eye circles, doing the aforementioned beauty hacks will certainly help in minimizing those dreaded half-moons. So ensure that you pair these tips with enough shut-eye to minimize and improve the appearance of your dark under-eye circles.

Tricks to Get That Perfect Lipstick Look

Lipstick is definitely one of the favourite beauty product of every girl. But regardless of all of its winning traits, finding a flawless slap-on-and-go type of lip colour can be all too rare. Applying one and making it look perfect take some time, effort and real concentration – but there’s no need for you struggle anymore.  With these tried-and-true tricks, getting your lipstick look on point will be an easy-breezy.


  1. Use Some Makeup Removing Pen. If you constantly struggle with stray lipstick lines, then we suggest that you keep a makeup removing pen handy at all times. With this, you can now easily remove lipstick smears and smudges without leaving that greasy feeling behind. Its targeted tip will also make it easier for you to only erase the lines that you want to be removed. Just trace the pen around your lips’ outer edges to achieve the sharpest definition possible.
  1. Dust a Layer of Your Blush. Whether you’re after a matte finish or is looking to have more pigment, brushing a layer of powder blush over your lip look will surely give you these amazing results. This trick can also be used to change your lip colour too. If you want to make the shade of your hot pink lippie a bit hotter, just dust over your powdery formulas and see how the lip colour changes like magic.


  1. Practise the Old Lippie Tricks. Popping and pulling your finger into your mouth to ensure that no lipstick stains will be left on your teeth, and blotting tissue and translucent powder to make your lip colour last longer. You’ve probably heard these tips from your mom or grandma. Yes, these may seem like tricks of the old age, but these tricks really works wonders in achieving that flawless lipstick look, so don’t go ignoring them.
  1. Create Symmetry Using a Lip Liner. While we don’t recommend that you get hog-wild in using your lip liner to recreate your lip shape, using it to create some symmetry on your lips won’t hurt. If you’re going to wear lipstick, opt for liner that’s a shade close to your lipstick; if you plan to sport a natural look, go with a shade that’s a bit darker than your natural lip colour to create some dimension. Just ensure that you don’t line slightly outside your natural lip line while doing this.

There’s no denying that a lipstick is one product that instantly brightens up almost any look. So keep these tricks in mind to ensure that next time you apply your favourite lippie, it will be on point.


6 Awesome Ways You Can Use Your Baby Powder


Baby powder can go beyond keeping baby’s skin fresh and smooth. In fact, this product has a host of other uses in the realm of beauty. Here are some of our favourite uses of baby powder.



1. Dry Shampoo Substitute: Out of dry shampoo? Sprinkle some baby powder at the roots of your hair to absorb excess oil. For dark hair, mix your baby powder with cocoa powder. For red hair, mix in some cinnamon powder. Finger comb your hair after application to distribute evenly and soften the white cast.

2. Eye Primer: Sometimes, eye primers can be expensive. Create your own version by mixing a pinch of powder and a couple of pumps of your liquid foundation. Apply this all over your eyelids before putting on your eye shadow. The natural white cast of the baby powder will make the colours look more vivid.

3. Beach Sand Cleanup: Sure, sunbathing gives you a good tan, but being covered in sand can get messy. Brush off sand easily by sprinkling baby powder on your body. The water, oil, and sweat that are causing the sand to cling to the skin will be absorbed by the powder, making dusting off easier.


4. Pre-Wax Care: Slather some baby powder on the area of the skin you’ll be waxing. Doing so lets the wax cling only to the hair follicles—not so much on the skin, preventing stinging pain during the procedure.

5. Makeup Setting Powder: Save your Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder for special occasions and dust some Johnson’s Baby Powder on your face with a big fluffy brush to set your makeup. Just make sure to only apply a very small amount to keep it translucent. Reapply this throughout the day to keep your skin looking oil-free.

6. Brow Volume Booster: Before coating your arches with brow mascara, dust some powder on them using any small brush to thicken the hair follicles. The result? Your very own version of Cara Delevingne’s power brows.

Baby powders are a staple household item. Take your beauty gaming to a whole new level with this very economical product.


6 Quick Fixes for Makeup Mishaps  

Most of us have surely experienced our fair share of makeup mishaps, from using the wrong shade of concealer to wearing the wrong shade of foundation. Luckily, there is a simple solution for every makeup problem, and we’re here to rescue you with these quick makeup fixes.


  1. The Index-Finger Trick for Lipstick Stain

This is an embarrassing yet very common makeup mishap. When it’s already there, all that you can do is to just wipe it off. However, you can avoid it from happening next time by doing the index-finger trick. Just place a quarter portion of your index finger in your mouth and gently pull it out. This way, any trace of lipstick near your teeth will be wiped off, leaving no chance to stain the teeth.

  1. Foundation Residue for Blush and Bronzer Overload

When applying blush and bronzer, it’s quite easy to go from Kardashian contour to muddy contour. If you accidentally dab too much product on your cheeks, lightly sweep your foundation brush over the area. The residue of the foundation you applied earlier will help tone down the hyper-pigmented products.

  1. Concealer for Eye Shadow Fallout

Although doing your eye makeup before applying your foundation is always recommended, many of us do the opposite. In cases where you’re left with sparkly pigments under your eyes, gently wipe them away using a cotton swab, and then dab a small amount of concealer to get that flawless undereye look again.


  1. Clean Wand for Clumpy Lashes

We usually end up clumping our lashes when building-up mascara. To deal with this, swipe your mascara wand on a clean tissue paper to remove excess product. Brush the wand to your lashes once again to separate them without adding more of the product.

  1. Makeup Spray for Excessive Powder Application

Applying too much powder makes the face look flat and cakey. Reverse this look with a couple of sprits of makeup setting spray. Besides absorbing excess powder, it provides a dewy look that makes the skin look healthy and glowing.

  1. Tissue-Concealer Combo for Smudged Lipstick

Another problem that occurs as easily as it is resolved is a smudged lipstick. If you see traces of colour bleeding outside your lip line, just blot it with tissue paper, and fix the smudged area with a concealer.

Makeup mishaps can happen to anyone, whether to beginners or professional makeup artists. However, there’s no need to worry as these problems are easy to resolve.  Just remember these quick fixes and you’ll be able to deal with any makeup mishap effortlessly.


6 Curling Iron Mistakes You Might Be Making  

Admit it, you’ve always wanted that voluminous, bouncy curls that you see in the Internet, but every time you try to replicate that particular style, it doesn’t turn out the same way you want it to. Whether the ringlets you made are too stiff or too tight, or your locks end up being entirely flat, failing to properly use the curling iron will most likely give you flat and boring curls.


So, get the lovely curls that you’ve always dreamed of using these tips to correct the curling iron mistakes that you might be making unknowingly.

  1. Purchasing the wrong size of curling iron. Always remember that different curling iron sizes create different looks. Smaller irons are perfect for creating tight waves and curls in shorter hair, while larger barrels provide looser and larger curls that are best suited for longer hair. So, figure out what barrel size would work best for your hair before purchasing a curling iron.


  1. Failing to properly prepare your hair. When using a curling iron, applying a heat protectant serum in the hair is a must to avoid hair damage. Ensuring that your hair is completely dry before curling it is also a good way to avoid hair breakage and split ends.


  1. Curling in the wrong direction. Curling in the wrong direction will only throw off the look that you’re trying to achieve. For a natural wavy look, curl your hair in a direction opposite your face. Also, keep in mind that different directions are required on both sides of your head. For the right side, curl your hair going to the left, and vice-versa.


  1. Curling too much hair all at once. Flat curls is what you’ll get when you curl large portions of your hair all at once. Always remember that the key to get the perfect wave is to curl your hair in sections. Divide your hair into smaller sections, then curl each section to get a much better result.


  1. Placing your hair in the curling iron for long periods. Obviously, heat has never been the best thing for anybody’s hair, and the last thing you’d surely want to get from curling it are fried ends. Avoid this by setting the curler in a medium heat setting, and keeping your hair on the curler for no more than 10 seconds.


  1. Touching your curls immediately. Immediately fussing with your curls after releasing the clamp will only undo all the curling you have done. Wait for 15 minutes, or until your hair have cooled down, before you start running your finger on each curl.

Getting that voluminous curls isn’t all about curling your hair with a curling iron. Keep these common curling iron mistakes in your mind the next time you curl your hair, and see how you’ll create your own Instagram-worthy curls.