Kindness Movement Campaign

There is a campaign that is launched recently. The campaign encourages the people to be kind; this can promote good behaviour. The campaign’s slogan is “a nation of kindness starts with one”. Many people would think this silly but if all join this movement or campaign, Singapore will be a better place to live. Being nice or kind will not harm you. If you want to join, you should begin by doing random acts of kindness.


For example, you can offer your sit to the elderly or pregnant women when you are in the bus or MRT. You can help an elderly cross the pedestrian lane or simply lining up properly. Random acts of kindness is an effort of spreading more kindness. Whenever you do kindness, remember not to expect a reward. Just think that you will be rewarded in ways you cannot imagine.

Whenever you do random acts of kindness, try to think about the law of karma. If you want good things to happen to you, do good deeds but if you do bad deeds, for sure, bad things will happen to you. It is natural that you are kind to your friends and family but try to expand your kindness circle. For example, you can help a stranger in need. Expanding your circle means going beyond the people you know and not thinking about biases and judgment.

You should also be sympathetic to the needs of others. More importantly, you should transform how you think and how you see the world. Changing your views is exhausting but if you let kindness rule over your life, negative feelings like hate, aggression, anger and fear will perish. Many people these days think that transforming is impossible. It is hard but it can be done.        

What Is a File Server?

With the large number of downloadable file types and cloud printing files in today’s media web-community, personal computer owners in Singapore have found out that the storage needed by the files they obtain from different sources have become a problem. Fortunately, the existence of file server has become the answer to this problem. Because of its centralized location, the server can work to link both distant and close computer units to a single information source.


Some important things to know about file servers are:

Any computer unit can be set to function as a file server. A basic personal computer unit that can share music, photos and other files throughout a home’s network is already working as a file server. In companies and large organizations, servers are generally dedicated computers, equipped with collections of large storage devices.

Servers commonly used by many large Singapore companies and organizations in their computing scheme comprise a number of computers that are specially designed to serve only as servers. These dedicated units make use of network-attached storage by using hardware that is basically configured to maximize sharing and storing, and they include only the most basic processing and input/output capability of a server.

A file server can function by using either specialized or standard operating system. Most of today’s operating systems are built to allow any computer to be configured as file servers. One of the most popular operating systems for servers is Linux, which is known for its good stability performance and economic advantages. UNIX® and Windows® from dynatech office file server in Singapore are also among the frequently used operating systems for file servers. Network-attached storage units may use standard versions of operating systems but may also employ specified limited-function systems.


A file server is commonly used in situations where there is frequent data sharing. Singapore business establishments and other large networks make use of file servers to facilitate data sharing between computer users. Systems with centralized servers are also much easier to protect because all significant files and documents are placed in a single hardware, which also makes it easier to back-up.

However, every file server occasionally experience system breakdown. Though file servers work incredibly well in terms of storing and sharing files, these devices may also experience performance failure when demand for data is too high or if the server is attacked by malware. Distributed denial-of-service or denial-of-service (DDoS or DoS) attacks are the most commonly used against servers linked to the Internet. This attack works by flooding the server with malicious requests of data that makes legitimate requests experience unacceptable and unexplainable delays or lost.

The Hamilton Scotts

The Hamilton Scotts is famous not only here in Singapore but around the world. The luxurious condominium at 37 Scotts Road is now experiencing renovations. Its developer is improving the first floor elevator lobby together with two penthouses. After the renovations, the units will now cost about S$10 million.

What made this condominium so expensive? The units are expensive because of its facilities and amenities. Here are a few:


Car Porch

Every unit has a private car porch, where you can see your car right from your living room. This is the first development here in Asia, and possibly the world, that features such.


Hamilton Scotts is near many establishments. It is minutes away from the Orchard Road, and when you decide to move farther, you will see major shopping malls, restaurants, theatre houses and many entertainment establishments. The condominium is also near SMU and other universities.

Private Elevator

Unlike other condominiums that have share elevator (except for the penthouse), Hamilton Scotts offer private elevator access on all units.

Other Facilities

All bedrooms have bathrooms. Other facilities include swimming pool, sunken lounge, Jacuzzi, barbeque area, lounge, gym and car lifts.

You can choose from different unit types: 3 bedroom units (52 units), junior penthouse (2 units) and penthouses (2 units). This new luxury hotel is indeed different from others. Though it is expensive, many people still consider it. It is said that here in Singapore, it is a sought after address. If you can afford it, you should buy before it is too late.

Planning to Start a Barbecue Catering Business?

Singaporeans are bbq food enthusiasts. Hawker centers in the country are famous for their large selection of grilled delights, including chicken wings and satay. Because many people hunger after the mouth-watering aroma and taste of grilled foods, selling bbq food has become a profitable business venture in the country.

Bbq wholesale is indeed a fast-growing industry. And if you are thinking of putting up a business where there is constant demand, bbq catering is definitely a good idea.


Establish the capital required for putting up the business

Every business venture needs money. It’s a reality that if you don’t have enough money in your pockets, you cannot get yourself to the next step in putting up a business. Your plans will remain as plans until you have enough funds to make them happen. Same with planning to start a bbq catering business, you need to exhaust all means to gather the amount of money you need. If you think you run short, you can visit a local bank and request for a loan.

Choose a business location

One important factor that will determine the success or failure of your business is your chosen location. Scout for a perfect location, and by perfect, it means that the location must be in a high-traffic area. You can perform your search online or in the newspapers, and look for spaces that are for rent. However, expect that the cost of renting a space in a high-traffic area is higher compared to those in low-traffic locations.

Pick a name

Naming your business is probably the most exciting step in planning to start a bbq wholesale business. With all the bbq restaurants like
springocean bbq halal in Singapore today, your business must definitely stand out among the rest and one good way to make that happen is to have a name that is unique. It has to spark interest in your potential customers that each time they hear it, they can’t help but rush to your restaurant.


Create a menu

Aside from your name and business location, what will set your business apart from other existing bbq wholesale business is your menu. Your set of bbq food choices is your major secret to be able to penetrate the market. Like naming your business, creating a menu should also be done with creativity. People in Singapore are eager to try something new, and to be able to attract them, you need to tickle their taste buds.

Get all equipment needed

Starting a bbq catering business is quite costly, as you need to have equipment for cooking and food preparation. These include refrigerator, freezer, fryer, grill and a portable or stationary smoker. You also need cookware and other utensils. But don’t worry. You don’t have to get everything brand new. You can lease them until you have saved up, or you can buy secondhand equipment.

Purchase other supplies

You also have to buy important supplies, such as plates, cutlery, cups, and napkins. Plus you need tables, chairs, cash register, and other necessary items. Before purchasing, make sure you have visited several stores to compare their prices for the supplies you need.

Advertise your business

All your efforts from the very beginning can be paid off by having good advertising, as it is through effective advertising that you can magnet customers who will bring money in your business. The grand opening of your business must be advertised well through a newspaper ad, flyers, posters, or whatever means you see fit. Promos on your first day will also attract customers for sure, and you can even extend your gimmicks to a few more days to grab more public attention.

Tax-Free Shopping in Singapore

Tourists may now be reimbursed on the seven percent Goods and Services Tax or GST paid on the purchases made at participating retail shops. To qualify, simply spend an amount of at least SGD100. Any tourist may apply for the GST refund at the Changi International Airport and Seletar Airport departure halls.

Starting 21 January 2013, tourists who are leaving the country on an international cruise via the HarbourFront Center and Marina Bay Cruise Center may also be entitled for the tax refund. Claiming the GST refund is made easy and hassle-free by the Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme or eTRS.


You just need to choose one credit and debit card as a token, which you can use to easily retrieve the details of your purchases when you apply for refund at any eTRS self-help kiosk at cruise terminals and airports.

Steps to Claim Your GST Refund

At the Shop

Each time you shop at eTRS retail shops, make sure to use a single credit and debit card as your token to tag all your purchases. Before leaving the shop, secure your eTRS ticket and original receipt.

Before Departure

If you are going to check in your items, apply for your tax refund at any eTRS self-help kiosk usually found at the departure hall. You can no longer apply for a refund once you have already checked in your items.

At the eTRS Self-Help Kiosk

Use your token (your credit and debit card) or scan each of your eTRS tickets to retrieve all your purchase details. Then follow the instructions indicated on the self-help kiosk.

Collect Your Refund

There are three ways you can collect your refund—by crediting it directly into your credit card, by cash refunds, or by a bank cheque.

You can visit for more information regarding the Tourist Tax Refund.

Where to Take Your Family

Spending time with the family is not a big loss to you. In fact, spending time with the family can do you good. No matter how hectic your schedule is, you should give time for the family. You can begin by taking them to one or all of the following places:

Marina Bay Sands


Marina Bay Sands is located in Bayfront Avenue. If you want the family to enjoy and experience the luxury, you should bring them here. You can choose to check-in to their hotel and avail of the infinity pool or you can simply bring them to SkyPark where they can see Singapore’s skyline. If you want to dine, there are many restaurants here too. If you want to pamper your family, spas and shops are present. There is an AstScience Museum where your kids can have fun.

Gardens by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay is located in Marina Gardens Drive. The garden covers about 101 hectares with 250,000 plant species. The garden is comprised of three areas-Bay Central, Bay South and Bay East. If your family wants an evening stroll or picnic, the grounds are ideal.

Wonder Full-Light & Water Spectacular


Wonder Full-Light & Water Spectacular is located in Event Plaza, Waterfront Promenade. If the weather is good, they are open every Sunday-Thursday (8pm and 9:30pm) and Friday & Saturday (8pm, 9:30pm and 11pm). The admission is free.

The family will be amazed of the perfect convergence of sound, music and lights that took many years to develop. The show will last for about 13 minutes. The family should go there early to secure the best spot. You should not miss this free, electrifying event.

Family time doesn’t have to be outside. If you want, you can have this inside the house. The important thing is you are with the family and you are enjoying every second.