Sports and Activities You Can Try in Singapore

Here are some of the recommended sports and activities you can try for yourself when you visit Singapore.


Cycling and Mountain Biking – If you want to go biking, you can head to East Coast Park or to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. There you can rent a mountain bike and pedal in their car-free cycling trails.

Golf – Singapore has a lot of exquisite golf clubs, but most of them are exclusively for members use only. However, Sentosa Golf Club is open daily to non-members.

Swimming – If you love swimming, don’t miss out on Marina Bay Sands Hotel where the world’s largest outdoor swimming pool can be found. You can also check Wild Wild Wet Aqua Park for wave pools and water slides.

Water Sports – For exciting water sports, you can go to Ski 360° where there are many facilities for water sports enthusiasts. For one, they offer high-speed wakeboarding even without a speed boat.

Snow Sports – Singapore has a humid weather, but that doesn’t limit you from trying snow sports. Temperature is controlled at -5° Celsius in Snow City indoor ski center, so anyone can try and enjoy skiing or snowboarding.

Rock Climbing – Singapore has also something in store for those who love to defy gravity by climbing up a vertical wall. Tampines Stadium Wall has dedicated walls for beginners and experienced climbers.

Skateboarding and Rollerblading – The Xtreme Skate Park at East Coast Park is the place to be for thrill-seeking youngsters. The skate park has ramps, poles, and half-pipes that can make your skateboarding and rollerblading experience totally fun.

Where to Hang Out

If you are looking for a place to hang out, there are many clubs, cafes and bars out there that you can go to. These places will surely welcome you and give you a good time. You can go to:

Dempsey Hill


Dempsey Hill is at Dempsey Road. Dempsey Hill has it all-restaurants, markets, boutiques, art galleries and wellness facilities. It stands amidst the quiet, lush surroundings which is quite charming. There are many restaurants that offer different cuisines or dishes. You just need to take a pick; there are European restaurants, Indian centres, Australian gourmet shops, local food centres and many more. There are shopping boutiques and fitness centres if you want to visit them. If you want to indulge in arts after shopping or dining, there is Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Ann Siang Hill & Club Street


You will surely appreciate the elegant structures and the littlest details like the streetlamps and window shutters. In here, you will surely see the combination of the old and the new. Ann Siang Hill & Club Street offers shops, cafes, bars, clothing outlets, restaurants and many more.

Haji Lane


Haji Lane presents array of shop houses or stores that will surely fascinate you. The place also offers a unique dining experience. You would want to hang out here. When in Haji Lane, you should look for the Blog Shop, Sup Clothing, Pluck, Straits Record and Salad Shop.

Aside from the places mentioned above, there are many places that you can consider. Whatever your mood is, there is a place that will greet you. Actually it is better if you want to stay at home. Regardless of your preference, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your company. If you are alone, enjoy the solitude because it might be what you need.

How to Control Acne Attack

Acne can be very troubling especially if we face the mirror. We just want to look our best everyday but sometimes, acne is inevitable no matter how we take care of our skin. It is a simple problem but if it is not properly treated, it can affect the confidence of many people. So before it gets out of control, we need to remedy it- as soon as possible.

Do not touch the acne

It is important not to touch the acne. Touching or popping it will make things worse because it will irritate the skin and it may scar.

Treat the spot

Wash the face first before treating it. It is best to start with the affected area. We can choose between Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid and Aspirin treatments. Benzoyl peroxide is effective because aside from eliminating the bacteria, it can peel the skin allowing new and healthy skin to develop. Salicylic acid is similar to Benzoyl peroxide. The trick is to pat a small amount and leave it for the night. We can wash the face in the morning.

Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory medicine. Many people don’t know this but Aspirin can be used as an acne treatment. We just need to finely crush the Aspirin and add a little water until it turns into a paste. We can then apply the paste unto the affected part and leave it for the night.

If these items are not available in our house, the closest treatment that we can consider is toothpaste.

Regular skin care treatment

Consistency and discipline is the key to controlling our acne. We should settle into a routine that works best for us and stick to it no matter what happens. Regular skin care treatments include soap, toner, cream and moisturizer.

A Secret to Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks happen due to sudden body changes. It is usually seen during pregnancy, puberty, and weight gain or loss. If we have stretch mark concerns, we always think about preventing or reducing it. Fear no more because there are a lot of ways we can do to lessen if not eliminate its presence.

We have four options: application of relevant acids together with vitamins, supplements, laser treatment and surgical treatment. Rest assured that these options are safe. Before making a decision, it is beneficial to discuss the general idea of the options mentioned above.

If we want to reduce stretch marks effectively and improve our skin’s appearance the natural way, we should use moisturizers or lotions. Aside from moisturizers, Retin-A (Retinoic Acid Cream) facilitates the stretching of the skin without tearing it. Obtaining Retin-A is difficult because we need a prescription. Glycolic acid is another thing. It helps in the production of collagen which makes the skin more elastic. Glycolic acid is in the family of compounds (Alpha-hydroxy Acid) responsible for chemical skin peeling. Obtaining Glycolic acid is easy because it can be bought over-the-counter.

Increasing of Vitamin C intake will do the trick. We are free to use Vitamin C together with glycolic acid for better results. We can also use Vitamin E oil but remember not to take it orally. Vitamin E oil works best if it is combined with our lotions or moisturizers.

If we want instant results, there exists laser treatment. Laser treatment for fresh stretch marks is called vascular laser. It is expensive requiring three to six sessions costing $450 per session. Laser treatment for old stretch marks is called laser resurfacing. It is more expensive because per session would cost $1000. It will only take three sessions though.

Surgical treatments like “tummy tuck” or “combination deal” are also available if we prefer it.

House Painting Services – Choosing the Professional

Hiring house painting services is essential for any house renovation and rehabilitation projects. House painting providers are constantly coming up in Singapore’s home painting industry as more citizens seek to make their homes the castles they should be. Painting sets the mood of the entire house, thus if your house look mundane and particularly dull, then it’s time to hire a house painting contractor. A professional Singapore painting contractor has utmost experience in the home painting field, and he can transform your ragged house into a beautiful castle. Moreover, painting contractors always give you an extensive array of painting options, adding some little decor your home.

Credible house painting contractors in Singapore know exactly how to repaint and remodel your home as per your instructions. You can relax when you have a bonded and insured house painting service, being utterly sure that your house’s interior decoration faults will be done justice. Finding reliable affordable painting services in Singapore can be a difficult task, especially if you are looking for an extensively experienced and professional painting contractor. There are quite a number of traits and factors to account for when looking for a credible home painting contractor. There are renowned home painting contractors that you can compare online to select the best service for your home.

Among other factors, experience, certification, obligation, cost, reputation and reliability are factors you should never overlook when it comes to selecting the right home painting contractor. Is the home painting contractor you want to hire vast in experience? Home painting experience is exceedingly vital, so always go for home contractors with extensive experience. Don’t fall for counterfeit contractors passing off as highly qualified home painting contractors. There are so many fraudsters on the internet, and these pretentious house painting contractors will do a horrifying painting job in your house, and all money spent on repainting and remodeling will be a total waste. Consequently, always ensure the home painting contractor you choose is bonded and certified with the right government documents as per the credibility laws in Singapore.

When it comes to reputation of the house painting services, you have to be exceedingly selective; after all, it’s your home remodeling that is at stake. Many credible house painting companies in Singapore have well established sites. It pays to look through the testimonials and reviews of each company’s services to be utterly convinced of the best Singapore home painting service provider. The cost of the home painting services is a vital thing to consider. When comparing painting service companies for their credibility and reputation, spare time to look at the home painting prices they charge. There are so many cheap painting services available, and as much as they may seem appalling, some are utterly unsatisfactory and unprofessional.

Affordable house painting services is what you ought to look for as saving some cash is always a plus in any home remodeling venture. However, don’t cut out too much on the house painting cost because your ignorance will spit right in your face. Many at times oft, your neighbors have hired reliable house painting contractors in the recent past. So take some time to inquire about the best home painting service from them, and most likely, they will warn you of contractor pitfalls to avert.

The best technique to utilize in scrutinizing distinct Singapore house painting services is by looking at the best painting products available, and often at times, you will have to overlook the cost. It beats logic to save some little cash on your home repainting venture only to repaint it again in the near future.

Presbyopia Can Be Treated in Singapore

Presbyopia, commonly called lao hua, is a terminology used to describe a medical condition in which a person suffering from it feels difficulty in performing various reading tasks, such as going through books, newspapers or text displayed on the computer screen, and there is nothing to be panicky about if you also suffer from such a condition since many people, including from Singapore, complain of this condition. Presbyopia occurs because half eyes start wearing out as you age, but at the same time, it has often been stereotyped and linked with the imagery of old people and senior citizens, with the sufferers wearing shawls, holding canes, relaxing on rocking chairs with deepening wrinkles on their faces. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise when many individuals who start reporting symptoms of presbyopia and are diagnosed with the condition undergo a panic like situation, thinking that the days when they would also be classified as senior citizens with lao hua are not all far, and soon, they would also be checking in with nursing homes and social security checks during the coming days. However, you need not get panicky since such a scenario is unlikely to arise any time soon and it is a known fact that presbyopia can be treated.

It is a common fact that the onset of Singapore presbyopia lasik treatment occurs when a person reaches his/her late 30s or early 40s, and while a lot of people might consider this to be a sign that you are becoming old, however, this is not necessarily true. As we all know, today, we live in a world where people reach their 90s and even into their 100s but at the same time maintain their free spirited style and continue to lead an active life without becoming a burden on anyone else, and it will not be difficult to find such people either. Therefore, presbyopia seems more like a condition that would take place during the younger years of your life and should not be taken as a sign that your heydays are now long gone. The kind of lifestyle you lead is totally up to you, however, it is recommended that you lead a healthy one in order to remain active and lively for the rest of your life.

Going by scientific facts and solutions, nobody is immune to the development of Presbyopia, and while for some it might start of early, and for others a bit late, but what you need to remember is that it is a natural process and like all your other body parts, is a sign that your eyes are ageing. It happens because the natural lenses in your eyes start to become thicker as you grow older, which means that as the protein ages which helps to form them begins to build blocks making it difficult for you to read clearly small letters or graphics clearly as you would otherwise, apart from other objects located in close range. The natural lens therefore becomes less transparent from the centre. You would definitely come across several individuals in Singapore who would have been suffering from this condition as they age, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about if you are also noticing the symptoms relating to lao hua or known in English as presbyopia.

For those of you who are reporting symptoms of presbyopia and have worn contact lenses in the past, you should always consult an eye doctor and ask for his/her advice whether it would be appropriate for you to completely switch to trying out epi lasik surgery for correcting of your presbyopia. However, there is nothing to worry about since 92% of presbyopia patients in Singapore were able to continue wearing lenses, and modern technology has meant that those with lao hua can now be treated very easily. There are several hospitals here locally which offer presbyopia treatment facilities and services.