5 Idle Home Appliances You Can Skip Buying


There are so many things we fancy keeping at home. Stylish bathroom fittings, elegant furniture, delicate crockery, and modular kitchen; every one wishes to have these luxurious furnishings at home. However, some of these things we spend money on sit unused in a corner of our house covered in layers and layers of dust. Here are five of the appliances you can skip buying and save money on.


  1. Hair Dryer

Many women buy hair dryer as it helps a lot in setting and styling the hair. However, women are also aware that using a hair dryer every day is time consuming and can damage the hair. So instead of using it every day, it is only used when attending parties and special occasions.

  1. Electric Shaver

Thanks to many men’s grooming brands, there are now endless choices of good grooming products in the market. Men buy such products ambitiously for excellent grooming every day—well-styled hair and stubble. However, most of them feel that styling the hair and beard is too tedious that’s why they often opt for clean shaven look for formal occasions, meetings, and even parties.

  1. Hand Blender

While it is among the easiest home appliances to use, a hand blender often lies idle in most household kitchens. Due to practical domestic ideas, very few housewives do creative cooking. In fact, most women prefer mixing ingredients with a spatula over a blender. It is only used when baking cake, which likely happens only twice or three a year.


  1. Vacuum Cleaner

Although it is said to be one of the most useful appliances, vacuum cleaners are often useless in many Singapore homes. Sure, it makes cleaning sofas, carpets, curtains, and hard-to-reach areas easier, but it’s heavy and not that easy to use. Moreover, it takes more effort to clean the appliance after use.

  1. Pop Up Toaster

The sight of sliced breads popping out of a toaster looks fancy. And since movies have them as a quick breakfast solution, many of us also chose to have one at home. Although they are useful, only a few of us have the luxury of time to toast ready-to-eat breads. Most of us who are often in the hurry for work would just grab a sandwich or pick up breakfast while on the way to work. Hence, a pop up toaster stand unused for months in the kitchen cupboard.

Sure, these appliances serve us well at some point, but definitely not all the time. If you want to get a bang for your buck, it would be wiser to buy things that you can use every day or at least on a regular basis.


How to Have a Dog-Friendly Home  

A dog-friendly environment is an important part of home planning especially for the pet lovers. After all, dogs are man’s best friend and they keep the house guarded when everybody’s away. If you travel a lot or spend most of your day away from home, your worry about your pup. Will he be safe while you’re away? Will the things in your house still be as organize? What will he do when you’re not around? Here are a number of things you can do to make your home pet-friendly.


  1. Let Fresh Air In

Since Singapore has warm climate, access to windows is ideal for homes. Install windows that are large enough for your dog to enjoy fresh air. Have your panel windows screened, leave it open, and let your pup soak in the sight, sound, and smell of the outdoors. Avoid getting a doggy door that leads to the yard to avoid mess or any possibility of escape. Unless your dog is trained, windows are your best alternative.

  1. Adorn Your Home With Interactive Furniture

More and more furniture designers create home furnishings that are suitable for both the owner’s and pet’s needs. Consider having a coffee table with a little hammock underneath it. Built for smaller cats and dogs, the table’s built-in hammock provides a place for your pet to relax. This can be a great idea for owners with smaller floor area to work with.

Dog and owner seat by Atelier

  1. Install an Indoor Dog House

Keeping your dog indoors doesn’t mean you cannot install a dog house. In fact, you can bring a dog house indoors. If interior space is a major concern, build a dog house underneath the staircase. This is a great space-saving idea to provide your dog their own private area.

  1. Keep a Doggy Seat In a Nice View

If you have windows that are deep enough to add a seating, install a comfortable window bench where you and your dog can enjoy a nice outdoor view. You can buy ready-made window benches or get your creative juices flowing by making it a DIY project. Line the window seat with decors you love, in colours that complements your interiors. Adding a doggy bench by the window is a stylish way to provide comfort to your dog.

Any home can actually be enough to keep a dog. However, making it more dog-appropriate makes your home much safer and comfortable for your beloved pup.


Things to Consider before Getting Tattoos

People express individuality in different ways. If you want to express yourself through tattoos and body piercings, you have to think through it because after all, it will be permanent. Getting a tattoo is different from getting a haircut. If you sit in that chair, you have to be sure.


Having tattoos is a form of self-expression. It is an art. You have to consider many things before getting one. It is permanent but if you choose to get out of your body, you can consider laser removal surgery. However, that costs a lot of money. So, before getting that tattoo, here are some things that you should consider:

  • Do your research: The first thing that you should do is conduct research. You have to look for a reputable and safe shop plus a good tattoo artist. It was mentioned earlier that it becomes a part of your life and it is permanent so the least that you can do is look for the best. There are many tattoo shops and artists here in Singapore. You have to listen to the artist’s advice though. They know about the size, design, colour schemes and its placement.


  • Do not haggle: Do not haggle. If you found a reputable store, do not try to bargain or haggle because you are not in the marketplace. You have to give in to and do what you are told to do for best results.
  • How to take care of the tattooed skin: It does not end when the drawing is done. You have to remember care tips. The basic thing that you should do is keep the area moisturized and use SPF lotion. Your skin should be healthy. This is being responsible for your actions.

Now you can pursue having a tattoo. Good luck and wear it proud!