Factors worth Considering to Finding Cheap Flights

Flight represents one of the biggest part of your travel costs and finding the most affordable deal is just as important as finding the right accommodation. After all, a flight that is too expensive can make you think twice and most likely, you aren’t going anywhere. These are practically the factors worth considering when hunting for the value-for-money airline ticket:

Versatile Travel Date and Time
It is no secret that airline ticket prices change depending on the day, month and time of year especially holidays like Christmas, New Year and summer season. If you fly when everyone is flying or go for the peak season, definitely you are going to pay for a higher fare. Try to be flexible with your travel dates to match off-peak airline ticket prices.

In picking a day of the week, it’s always cheaper to travel in the middle of the week compared to a weekend, most people fly on the weekends and that’s when airlines price their tickets higher. Moreover, late night or early morning flights are cheaper because most people want to travel at a very convenient time (not too early or too late).

Airline companies are very much aware when holidays, festivals, school break or major events is approaching and they raise the pricing accordingly.

Versatile Travel Destination
If you don’t have strong wanderlust to visit a particular country or areas of destination, then being flexible to where you fly can save you most of the money!

Search engines like Google flight is one of the tools that have made it easy to look for places to travel. You just need to key in your home airport with travel dates and there you will enjoy your flight options! Try to be keen on deals and you will tons of it especially in Asia, if you are versatile on your destination you could find and make use of that deal.

Being an open-minded traveler would make you experience like the world suddenly lit up and opened its doors to you that you will find cheap airfare.

Non-direct Flights
If being flexible with your travel dates and destination is a hard thing to do, then at least try to be flexible with your route. There are lots of budget-friendly carriers that offer a good deal to travel to another place and then fly on a money-saving flight to your choice of destination.

To start off, first find out the cost of a flight that goes directly to your destination. Then you can make use of Google flights and key in the continent of that place and check prices of nearby airports. Look at the price difference and compare the cost of second airport heading to your primary destination.

Rewards Program and Email Alert
No matter how frequent or less you travel, you should make use of airline rewards program. These customer rewards are great way to get flight discounts, free upgrades and who knows, free tickets! For example, KrisFlyer is a flyer programme of Singapore Airlines; it also rewards a flyer by earning points at once with SilkAir and more than 200 of its partners upon joining. Getting points is possible with every transaction made such as booking a flight, hotel and even making a phone call!

Charming Tiny Hotels  

We have to take a break and give ourselves the thing that it deserves – travelling and some peace of mind. If we are planning to travel, the first thing that comes to mind is looking for mainstream hotels because we want to belong. There is nothing wrong with that but we have to lessen our expectations because there are others that do not provide attention.


However, if we want to ensure extra attention, tiny hotels are the solution. In fact, many tourists now are considering tiny hotels because they get extra if not special attention, privacy and more creative and authentic amenities. These charming tiny hotels hols incredible appeal so it is unfortunate if we do not try it.

Here tiny hotels worth the stay:

  • In Colombia: When we are in Colombia, we should not miss Cartagena. In Cartagena, there is a charming little hotel that goes by the name of Tcherrasi Hotel and Spa. The structure was originally a colonial mansion two hundred fifty years ago. It was restored into a hotel. The seven rooms boast of wood and stone along with modern fabrics. Amenities include three swimming pools, plant-garden and Italian restaurant.
  • In Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is a small country but it does not mean that it is not charming. The country offers tiny hotels like The Villa which is equally famous. When we stay at The Villa, we have the entire island at our enjoyment. They have five bedrooms with ocean and shoreline views. We will enjoy the Indian cuisine and the elephant rides on the beach. How cool is that?


  • In Thailand: Iniala Beach House is popular in Thailand because no room is the same. The best part is that everything in the room (like art and furniture) is for sale. The beach house offers three villas plus a penthouse for rent.
  • In Norway: If we are interested in Europe and its lighthouses, we should head to Norway. Aside from whale watching and gazing at the Northern Lights, Norway boasts of a fine hotel. Little Island Lighthouse is in Vesteralen. It is a different experience sleeping in a lighthouse.

There you go .These hotels will surely bring out the best in our travelling. Things will be more fun if we bring our loved ones or family in our vacation. We have to somehow invest in experiences not in material things. So, instead of buying a newly released smartphone in the market, why not consider travelling?


7 Souvenir Items to Bring From Singapore  

Whether you’re a local visiting friends of family overseas or a tourist trying to bring home a piece of Singapore with you, these 7 items are what you ought to get.


  1. Bakkwa (BBQ Meat)

Barbecued slices of marinated meat – usually pork, but sometimes beef – bakkwa started out as a local favorite dish and has gone on to become a kind of traditional gift Singaporeans exchange during the Chinese New Year. Price is at $45–79 per kilo.

  1. Singapore Pressed Pennies

For $2 for each press, you can have a penny or other coins elongated, which makes for cool, unique souvenirs. Press machines are found in popular tourist spots all over the island.

  1. Souvenirs with Miniature Merlion

Nothing says you’ve been to Singapore like items featuring our country’s icon, the Merlion. With prices ranging from $2 to $20, merlion souvenirs include snow globes, fridge magnets, statuettes, pictures frames and even sweets.


  1. Singapore Sling

First concocted about 80 years ago at the Raffles Hotel Long Bar, the refreshing Singapore Sling has reached an international popularity. At $30– 80 per bottle, this drink is one of the coolest and classiest souvenir you can bring to your friends abroad.

  1. Laksa Paste

If you’re brining something for a fellow Singaporean who wants a taste of home, Laksa paste is the item to get. This noodle soup sells for just $5–10 per bottle.

  1. Kaya

Kaya is another Singaporean favorite that has an international appeal. It’s a special coconut jam that best placed on bread to make kaya toast, which is practically the country’s official breakfast.

  1. Golden Orchid

RISIS has 6 branches in the island, and all are making this popular souvenir, which is basically an orchid plated in gold. At just $60, it’s an ideal gift for a loved one.