Crossing the Borderline of Singapore

Many people dreamed to visit to foreign countries. However, it will take years for one to go in any country around the world because of the many factors that hinders that passage to other countries. One reason why there are a lot of individuals that cannot easily depart from another country is money. Money is very important so that you can enter the country. Why?


That is because you are a tourist in the place. What’s the connection? It’s all about your safety. They are only avoiding grave incidents to happen especially with regards to tourists. Basically, tourists will go to a specific country to spend their money or to visit their loved ones.

Singapore Entry Requisites

In any immigration, there is always a rule to follow. In United Kingdom, British people with passports don’t need to have a visa to take a trip in Singapore. However, it must only last up to 30 days. Same thing goes with Americans, Australians and New Zealand people.

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What You’ll Need

If you really need to go to Singapore, you have to go to the immigration have yourself clear from illegal weapons, drugs, baggage, paraphernalia that may be used for terrorism or any act of violence. Once you arrived at Singapore, tourists are identified by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) personnel and check the luggage. Aside from that, you need to own the following:

  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Singapore visa (if there’s any)
  • Enough money during the stay in the country
  • Tickets for departure


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