Enduring Long Flights

You constantly travel for business or for pleasure. You should know that the SAL (Singapore Airlines) will discontinue its nonstop flight to New York at the end of November 2013. The management said that the 19 hours, nonstop flight is not worth it anymore. The passengers will have to stop in Frankfurt and from there, a connecting flight to JFK airport should be taken. The stopover and connecting flight will make travelling longer and inconvenient for other passengers.


When you have long hours of travelling, you need to battle boredom and dullness. Boredom and dullness is natural but know that you can do something to make it worthwhile. Hours of sitting (or lying) will not suffice. You can do other things like:

Watch movies

If you trust your airline’s in-flight entertainment, you can leave the discretion of playing any movie to them. But if you want a particular movie, you can bring your laptop and play it there.


Listen to music

If you plan to relax by listening to music, never forget about your iPod or phone and play some music while you watch the clouds.

Play PSP

You will surely appreciate having a portable gaming device. If you have a PSP, you should bring it but you need to know that some airplane has this entertainment feature.

Read books

If you want to catch up on the latest bestselling book, use your long flight hours to read it. If you prefer reading eBooks, it is up to you.


Write something

If you are a writer, you can use the silence by thinking and writing about your next article. You only need a paper and your pen. Your laptop or tablet will do.

Play Cards

If you have card or board games, you can bring it to the plane (as long as it is not sharp). For little kids, you can bring drawing books that can keep them busy for a few hours.

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