Getting Married

If you are getting married soon, you should be excited and thrilled about it. Preparing for the wedding is not easy but you can handle it for sure. There are a lot of things that you need to think about from the gowns to wedding hotel banquet but if you do it properly, you can have a successful wedding. Successful wedding is subjective. As long as you feel happy at the end of the day, no matter how many troubles, you will consider it a success. If you are the type that wants a perfect wedding, you should think ahead and do not procrastinate.


You can hire wedding planners that can take care of everything from your wedding hotel banquet to your transportation services. Wedding planners will surely give professional touch to your wedding. But if in this case you have budget constraints, you should plan your own wedding. You have to do the manual work from the littlest details like souvenirs to biggest details like wedding hotel banquet. You should consider a checklist for your wedding banquet Singapore so you can record and keep track of your development. If it is not enough, you can create a timeline. Here’s what you should include in your checklist:


You should talk about your theme. Your theme refers to an idea that can serve as your basis for the whole wedding. There are many themes that you can consider. For example, you can consider beach, hotel, garden, fairytale, traditional and many more. You should also determine the colour you want to integrate. This is important so you can look for the perfect venue, send the right invitation cards and set up the right decoration.


Wedding hotel banquet

If example you want a hotel wedding, you should scout for hotels here in Singapore. The cost of the hotel depends on the “star”. Five star hotels are very expensive. If you are thinking about money, perhaps three star hotels will do. You should also think about wedding hotel banquet. Of course, you want to share your happiness through wedding hotel banquet.


Wedding program

Before and after the meal, you should create a program to entertain your visitors or give them information. For example, you can show a video presentation of your love story. Everyone will surely think it is romantic.


Flower arrangement in the church, centrepieces and your bouquet should be catchy enough. Flowers can give more life to a place. Looking for flower arranger is easy.



The centrepiece of the wedding is you and your wedding gown. It is crucial that you look for a gown that suits you. Make sure it flatters your body. There are many bridal gowns here in Singapore. You can find one in time. Do not worry. Just do not lose hope.


Transportation and parking

You should also think about your transportation. You need transfers from the hotel to the church and vice versa. Look for hotels with spacious parking lots so your visitors will find parking easy.

Weddings are joyful events. Everyone should have fun and join you in welcoming your new life together. Weddings involve money but it is up to you to have a simple or an elaborate celebration. If you are the practical one, you should look for ways to maximize your resources.

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