How to Control Acne Attack

Acne can be very troubling especially if we face the mirror. We just want to look our best everyday but sometimes, acne is inevitable no matter how we take care of our skin. It is a simple problem but if it is not properly treated, it can affect the confidence of many people. So before it gets out of control, we need to remedy it- as soon as possible.

Do not touch the acne

It is important not to touch the acne. Touching or popping it will make things worse because it will irritate the skin and it may scar.

Treat the spot

Wash the face first before treating it. It is best to start with the affected area. We can choose between Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid and Aspirin treatments. Benzoyl peroxide is effective because aside from eliminating the bacteria, it can peel the skin allowing new and healthy skin to develop. Salicylic acid is similar to Benzoyl peroxide. The trick is to pat a small amount and leave it for the night. We can wash the face in the morning.

Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory medicine. Many people don’t know this but Aspirin can be used as an acne treatment. We just need to finely crush the Aspirin and add a little water until it turns into a paste. We can then apply the paste unto the affected part and leave it for the night.

If these items are not available in our house, the closest treatment that we can consider is toothpaste.

Regular skin care treatment

Consistency and discipline is the key to controlling our acne. We should settle into a routine that works best for us and stick to it no matter what happens. Regular skin care treatments include soap, toner, cream and moisturizer.

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