How to Pick a Gift for Newlyweds

While it is a lot easier to pick a gift for an individual, the task becomes much more complicated if you are required to give a gift for two people, especially a couple who just got married. So, do you give them something that they will both enjoy or something that can be useful for them in their new home?

Home Items
For practical individuals, giving newlyweds home items that they can use is never out of style. It will symbolize their journey into a life together as husband and wife. Most couples will be more than glad to accept home items after spending so much money on the wedding ceremony. Popular home item gifts include bed linens, bath items, small appliances, and cookware.

Home Decoration
If the couple is moving into a new home, it is a great idea to give them something that will be useful such as home decorations. It could be an artwork or framed picture that they can hang on the wall, or if you’re the artistic type, you can create the items yourself so they will always remember you.

Kitchen Items
One of the tests of marriage is preparing food in the kitchen, that is why kitchen items are also a popular gift idea besides other home items for the newlyweds. You can give them a beautiful set of dining ware or specially crafted tea set that they can put on display. If you’re feeling more generous, you can give them quality kitchen appliances that will be very useful.

Money to Spend
While this might seem lazy to you, it is a practical gift for a couple who has just spent a lot of money on the wedding ceremony. You could also send them gift cards or coupons they can spend on their honeymoon and a note saying you appreciate being part of their most important celebration.

Customized Item
This could be a pair of pillows, towels, shirts, mugs, or any other item that is specially made for the couple with their names or faces on them. The effort will let them know that you did not pick the items randomly, but that you have thought about them during the process.

Fun Items
You could also get an idea for a gift based on the common traits of the couple. For example, if they both love traveling, you can give them items that they can both use during their honeymoon. If the couple loves books, give them a title you think they might both enjoy.

Something Unusual
If you want the couple to remember you for your gift, pick something that will stand out from the usual items. It does not have to be useful or expensive, just something not everyone will think of giving, but will symbolize a couple’s new life as husband and wife.

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