Identifying Our Child’s Personality Type  


The joy of parenting is not only in seeing our children succeed in life but also discovering their personalities. If our children are young, we do our best to lay their foundations well so they will be successful and it means identifying their personality to mold them. There are some parents who find this task easy while others daunting.


Identifying, dealing and handling our child’s different personalities may be daunting but it is a necessary step. We can read from various sources online or we can simply purchase books. The good news is that there are many books available here in Singapore describing our child’s personality. Identifying our child’s personality is fun more than anything else.

Here are the four types of characteristics of personalities:

  • Choleric: Choleric refers to children with adventurous spirit. They are usually determined, competitive, outspoken and strong-willed. Choleric children are also filled with confidence and willing to make sacrifices (like losing sleep for a project). It does not end there because the leadership skill of the child will be manifested over and over again when he/she is choleric.
  • Melancholy: Melancholy refers to children who are detailed, respectful, persistent and deep. He/she is the one who is filled with optimism no matter the struggles and see the good things in everything. Children with this personality are cheerful, resourceful, bright and creative.


  • Sanguine: Sanguine refers to children who are talkative, playful, imaginative and sociable. When he/she talks, there is always persistence – maybe this is the reason why he/she is the crowd favourite. It is not that he/she is attention seeker but their energy attracts people like honey to a bee.
  • Phlegmatic: The last type of personality refers to children who are sweet-natured. Their thoughtfulness makes them more adorable and appreciated. They are also attentive and at some time, diplomatic – which the world need. Phlegmatic children often help a friend finish a project even if his/her project hasn’t started yet. The warmth they are giving is enough to melt the parent’s heart and their teachers.

Now that we have identified our child’s personality, it is time that we treat them right. We have to remember that no child is the same when it comes to personality. We may have the same blood and genes but it doesn’t mean that we are alike when it comes to behaviours and demeanours. It is important that we identify the personality type of our children so we will know how to motivate them and what reactions to expect from them. This will make us become better parents.


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