Improving Yourself by Improving the Company You Keep

Getting with the wrong kinds of friends is a tough situation for everybody. No matter how much we may enjoy and care about those people, they still have a negative influence on us. The thing is, everybody influences everyone they are around. We can’t help it. That’s just what we do. Influence is something we cannot stop once it is right there, the best way to stop influence is to stray away from it.

Control Yourself by Controlling Your Surrounding

It is definitely impossible not to be influenced by your surroundings. Your surroundings shape what you think, how you feel, and who you are. Although it is your choice how you react to certain situations, let’s all remember that there wouldn’t be those kinds of situations if you didn’t put yourself in that kind of environment in the first place. Prevention is better than cure.

There have been a lot of debates as to which is better and most people have answered prevention. We won’t enforce this perspective onto you, instead, we’ll let you think for yourself. The thing is, when someone you know has already experienced something and you know is bad, why would you have to experience it for yourself too? Why not learn from their experience? You don’t always have to commit the same mistakes as others do.

Your Friends Influence the Kind of Person You Are

Now, it may be hard to pinpoint which of your friends aren’t good for your wellbeing, but also keep in mind that you should put aside the emotional attachment for a bit. Think deeply on who is an actual good friend and who are those friends you should stay away from or minimize contact with. There are a lot of people who you may think are good friends but are the total opposite. Determine which friends are essential to your growth and spend more time with them.

After all, there’s a saying that goes “tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are”. Wait a minute! Does this mean we have to cut ties with those people who are still our friends but aren’t very good for us? Well, not necessarily. You’d just have to limit the influence they can have on you. If you are used to hanging around those people every single day, cut it down a bit and spend more time with healthy people.

Your Wellbeing is More Important Than Your Friends

No matter how much your friends may mean to you, at the end of the day, you also have to look after yourself. This may seem sad but think of the future with your family and kids. Life will revolve around your family and you have to make sure you are within the best circle of influence for them too.

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