Make Your Security Cameras Hacker-Free

The usage of surveillance and security cameras has been a common occurrence in homes and office buildings in order to ensure safety in these locations. Little do we know, there are also security hazards brought by the increase of installation of surveillance cameras in Singapore.

Former NSA software developer can Hack Surveillance cameras remotely using zero day vulnerabilities

Earlier this week, there have been reports of a website posting the links of more or less 800 webcam streams in Singapore. The said website, has shown up to 73, 000 webcam streaming links all over the world- 800 of which are originally from Singapore.

A lot of these webcam feeds come from IP cameras and CCTVs installed in houses, offices, business establishments and even car parks.

This caused alarm and concern all over Singapore that the government and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore or IDA encouraged citizens, especially webcam and surveillance camera users to change their default account passwords and switch to a stronger one. The new password should preferably contain alphanumeric characters, making it harder to hack.


If you feel that your IP cameras may stream critical and important information, you can also put your surveillance cameras behind a firewall so that unsecured networks cannot be granted access to your webcam feeds.

This is a helpful tip in order to prevent hackers from broadcasting your webcam feeds all over the Internet.

This simple change can also prevent a bigger security breach in our homes and establishments because the webcam streams can be an advantage for lawless elements with the purpose of burglarizing our homes or even hurting us.



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