Planning to Start a Barbecue Catering Business?

Singaporeans are bbq food enthusiasts. Hawker centers in the country are famous for their large selection of grilled delights, including chicken wings and satay. Because many people hunger after the mouth-watering aroma and taste of grilled foods, selling bbq food has become a profitable business venture in the country.

Bbq wholesale is indeed a fast-growing industry. And if you are thinking of putting up a business where there is constant demand, bbq catering is definitely a good idea.


Establish the capital required for putting up the business

Every business venture needs money. It’s a reality that if you don’t have enough money in your pockets, you cannot get yourself to the next step in putting up a business. Your plans will remain as plans until you have enough funds to make them happen. Same with planning to start a bbq catering business, you need to exhaust all means to gather the amount of money you need. If you think you run short, you can visit a local bank and request for a loan.

Choose a business location

One important factor that will determine the success or failure of your business is your chosen location. Scout for a perfect location, and by perfect, it means that the location must be in a high-traffic area. You can perform your search online or in the newspapers, and look for spaces that are for rent. However, expect that the cost of renting a space in a high-traffic area is higher compared to those in low-traffic locations.

Pick a name

Naming your business is probably the most exciting step in planning to start a bbq wholesale business. With all the bbq restaurants like
springocean bbq halal in Singapore today, your business must definitely stand out among the rest and one good way to make that happen is to have a name that is unique. It has to spark interest in your potential customers that each time they hear it, they can’t help but rush to your restaurant.


Create a menu

Aside from your name and business location, what will set your business apart from other existing bbq wholesale business is your menu. Your set of bbq food choices is your major secret to be able to penetrate the market. Like naming your business, creating a menu should also be done with creativity. People in Singapore are eager to try something new, and to be able to attract them, you need to tickle their taste buds.

Get all equipment needed

Starting a bbq catering business is quite costly, as you need to have equipment for cooking and food preparation. These include refrigerator, freezer, fryer, grill and a portable or stationary smoker. You also need cookware and other utensils. But don’t worry. You don’t have to get everything brand new. You can lease them until you have saved up, or you can buy secondhand equipment.

Purchase other supplies

You also have to buy important supplies, such as plates, cutlery, cups, and napkins. Plus you need tables, chairs, cash register, and other necessary items. Before purchasing, make sure you have visited several stores to compare their prices for the supplies you need.

Advertise your business

All your efforts from the very beginning can be paid off by having good advertising, as it is through effective advertising that you can magnet customers who will bring money in your business. The grand opening of your business must be advertised well through a newspaper ad, flyers, posters, or whatever means you see fit. Promos on your first day will also attract customers for sure, and you can even extend your gimmicks to a few more days to grab more public attention.

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