Singaporeans Face Modern Health Threats

According to the latest AIA Healthy Living Index Survey, three out of four Singaporeans are claiming that their overall health is poorer compared to how it was 5 years ago and that they are now more prone to modern-day health risks.


Low Health Score

Among the 15 markets asked, Singapore ranked 10th with a score of 59 out of the highest possible score of 100, the Healthy Living Index showed. According to the survey, the respondents reported a 6.6/10 rating regarding their level of satisfaction when it comes to their general health.

The survey was conducted among 10,200 adults in 15 different markets across the Pacific Asia. It focused on physical activity, health screenings, food safety, pollution and screen addiction.


Cyber Problems

The survey revealed that one of the areas of concern includes the excessive time that Singaporeans spend online. Other health concerns raised were weight management and hazards posted by various kinds of pollutions.

According to the survey, two out of three Singaporeans or approximately 64 percent claimed that the virtual world is indeed addictive. This includes spending time in front of the computer and being involved in social networking sites.

Effects of Computer Use

More than half of the Singaporean respondents or 72 percent of them admitted that the habit of being online is really difficult to break. Meanwhile, three out of four claimed that spending an excessive amount of time on the computer has affected their posture.

The amount of time they spent in front of the computer and other electronic devices has also affected their sleep and physical activities. The survey also showed that less than half of Singaporeans have time to visit the doctor for a check-up.

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