Tax-Free Shopping in Singapore

Tourists may now be reimbursed on the seven percent Goods and Services Tax or GST paid on the purchases made at participating retail shops. To qualify, simply spend an amount of at least SGD100. Any tourist may apply for the GST refund at the Changi International Airport and Seletar Airport departure halls.

Starting 21 January 2013, tourists who are leaving the country on an international cruise via the HarbourFront Center and Marina Bay Cruise Center may also be entitled for the tax refund. Claiming the GST refund is made easy and hassle-free by the Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme or eTRS.


You just need to choose one credit and debit card as a token, which you can use to easily retrieve the details of your purchases when you apply for refund at any eTRS self-help kiosk at cruise terminals and airports.

Steps to Claim Your GST Refund

At the Shop

Each time you shop at eTRS retail shops, make sure to use a single credit and debit card as your token to tag all your purchases. Before leaving the shop, secure your eTRS ticket and original receipt.

Before Departure

If you are going to check in your items, apply for your tax refund at any eTRS self-help kiosk usually found at the departure hall. You can no longer apply for a refund once you have already checked in your items.

At the eTRS Self-Help Kiosk

Use your token (your credit and debit card) or scan each of your eTRS tickets to retrieve all your purchase details. Then follow the instructions indicated on the self-help kiosk.

Collect Your Refund

There are three ways you can collect your refund—by crediting it directly into your credit card, by cash refunds, or by a bank cheque.

You can visit for more information regarding the Tourist Tax Refund.

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