Tell-Tale Signs That You’ve Fallen in Love


When the guy has been courting you from some time now and all of a sudden you feel all different sorts of emotions. But how do you know if it’s the right time to commit already? Here are five tell-tale signs to finally take the plunge to commitment:

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  1. You get butterflies in your stomach at the mere mention of his name. This is just like being infatuated – only this time, it is longer. The constant knot in the stomach progresses even when you have actually known the guy pretty well.


  1. You fix your schedule to accommodate his. When you don’t mind sleeping a bit later or waking up a bit earlier just so you could talk to him, then it’s the real deal. Even without him asking, you adjust your schedule for him. Because while you do value time, its definition has evolved from me-time to me-with-you time.


  1. You think of ways to show appreciation. You suddenly unleash your creativity in showing him your appreciation. You take note of how he takes his coffee or of what his favorite burger snack is. You want to thank him over and over again for all those sweet gestures he has done for you. In return, it brings you happiness when you do things for him.


  1. You make effort to communicate. You always find time to reply quickly to his messages through text or web chat. No matter how busy you are, sending him a message is still a priority. Your hands are always itching to text him. Sometimes, you can’t even wait for his call. You find yourself speed dialing his number when you have the opportunity.


  1. You smile at the most mundane things about him. You laugh at his silliest jokes. You like his mannerisms. You think he’s attractive even when he’s sweaty. Smiling at the ordinary things about him is simply love!


  1. You recognize, but don’t mind, his weaknesses. Having known him for some time has bared his strengths and weaknesses to you. When you feel like you can live and more so enjoy his weaknesses (probably the way he is willing to live with yours), you ultimately love the guy.


  1. Finally, you realize you are the happiest when you are with him. You can’t seem to get enough of him, even after some time of seeing each other. When you feel that wonderful sense of belongingness, then yes – you love the guy without doubt!

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