The Benefits of Hugs

For Samantha Hess, giving hugs is a lucrative business. Samantha is a famous professional cuddler in Portland. She cuddles people of all types for $60 per hour. In fact, she advertises her services online. She has this website that you can check. The website is Cuddle Up To Me.


To some Singaporeans, this is an odd job or profession. You have to understand the benefits of hugs so you will appreciate Samantha’s intentions. Here are the benefits of hugs:

  • It builds sense of security: When you are wrapped in the arms of another, you feel safe and secure. That is a good feeling.
  • It boosts oxytocin levels: Believe it or not, hugs can boost oxytocin levels. It will lift you especially if you feel lonely and angry.


  • It can strengthen the immune system: You have to believe that hugging can strengthen the immune system. The pressure on your sternum and the oxytocin it releases plus the serotonin can strengthen the immune system.
  • It relaxes muscles: When you hug, notice that it relaxes the muscles. The feeling of giving into a deep hug is enough for the muscles to ease up.
  • It makes you feel good: More importantly, hugs can make you feel good.

According to a family therapist, Virginia Satir, you need at least four hugs a fay to survive, eight for maintenance and twelve for growth. Hugs can make a difference at the end of the day. You can give free or you can charge. Regardless, it will change the person’s disposition in life. Many Singaporeans need hugs.


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