The Chronicles of Singapore

Before Singapore was hailed to be one of the strongest nations in today’s era, the country has experienced a lot of obstacles and challenges that helped them. Today, Singapore is among the many countries in the globe that is economically stable.


14th Century

During the 14th century, Singapore was not called by its name. However, it was called Temasek which means sea town.  Temasek was only an island with abundant nature and is part of the Sri Vijayan Empire. The name Singapore was taken from the Malay word singapura, which means the “lion city”.

The legend states that the Sang Nila Utama (Prince of Sri Vijayan) saw a lion. Mistakenly the creature he saw was a tiger when he was on his way visiting on another island.


Slr Stamford Raffles is one of the pillars of good trade in the country after successfully made an agreement with the British. This was the reason why Sir Raffles was so popular. As a matter of fact, you can see Raffles name in many business establishments in the country.



This was the time that Singapore united with the Malaysian Union. However, Singapore has its own government. Singapore only achieved freedom on August 9, 1965.

Singapore: Present

Today, Singapore is different compared the past years. It is now a disciplined, well-organized and city that is preserving its resources for the benefit of many people. In fact, they have many types of scenery like beaches, parks, zoos, building and state-of-the-art facilities to boast.


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