The Secret to Being Attractive


When you hear attractive, you think of perfect contouring or toning of the body not to mention flawless skin, nice set of teeth and sparkling eyes. Well, that is the idea of being attractive to the opposite sex hat is why you quest for it. Most of the time, these ideals take time and costly but it can make a difference at the end of the day.


Here in Singapore, many people are so concerned of how they look that they tend not to notice other things that make them more attractive. Would you believe that there is a science that can make you more attractive and alluring? As it turned out, appeal has less to do with the physical appearance or how you look. Being attractive has more to do with how you show your emotions. Sounds emotional and cheesy, don’t you think?

Researchers from the University of Tubingen in Germany conducted an experiment about attractiveness. In the experiment, men respondents are showed of pictures of women pretending to be sad or scared and asked them to guess how these women are feeling. The research found out that when a man feels certain about the emotion of the woman, it instantly light up the pleasure circuits of the brain. This means that men are more attracted to women that they can read.


This tells you that you do not need to spend hours of contouring just to look attractive. It is more like showing your heart that is more attractive than any other physical things. This idea will surely take some getting used to because who would want to expose raw emotions especially to men? Many women practically hide their emotion. For men, nothing compares to showing your real emotion.

On a separate study conducted by the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris, it revealed that men find the woman’s face attractive particularly the shape. Men tend to get attracted to women with sparse face. According to Dr. Julien Renoult, the head researcher, “sparse face” refers to smooth skin, few wrinkles and smooth contour. In other words – simple looking faces. Sparse face is mostly remembered by men because of its simplicity thereby its efficiency in encoding it to the brain. For sparse face women, the brain will only use a number of neurons to process it easily.

It is unusual to say “I fancy her because of her expression” or “I like her because of her sparse face” but it takes time getting used to.


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