Things That You Should Know About Shaving

You shave because you want to get rid of unwanted hairs. You’ve been shaving since you found out that hairs are growing everywhere. With this, you’ve developed some bad habits. You need to know few things to correct your bad habits. Remember that shaving is not as simple as you think.


Here are some things that you should know about shaving:

  • Save shaving for last: Some people shave before they start showering. Experts would recommend that you save shaving for last. If you shower in warm water, it will make the hair supple. The razor can cut it right away.
  • Use cream: It is imperative that you apply cream first before actually shaving it. If you do not have any shaving cream, you can use a conditioner, body wash or shampoo. That is enough. Whatever you use, the point is to give the razor something to slither over the skin.


  • Avoid disposables: You are thinking of saving money that’s why you consider disposables. If you are really serious about saving money, you need to avoid disposables and consider razors with replaceable blades instead.
  • Rinse & repeat: You need to rinse your razor after every stroke. This is to avoid dead skin. Rinsing it will also prevent jamming the blades.
  • Watch it: When you shave, make sure that you watch it. If you notice any irritation, you need to stop it to prevent spreading it to other parts of your body.

Not all Singaporeans know about this. If you have fellow Singaporeans who shave, it is better to share this information so they will know how to do it.


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