Top 3 Commonly Acquired Illnesses

Despite the state-of-the-art hospital facilities in the country, many Singaporeans acquire some non-lethal diseases which are commonly acquired through the changes in weather. These illnesses can be easily treated through the use of some medications like tablets and syrups. Also, these maybe one of the top sicknesses in the planet.


  1. Cough: Indeed, cough can be easily acquired. In fact, it can be quickly transmitted from person to person by just coughing. So, to prevent the disease from being passed to other people most especially to your loved ones, better cover your mouth when you cough.
  2. Colds: The country has a humid climate almost all throughout the year. Thus, it is very common to all of us to acquire colds. How? Through the rapid change of weather and lowered immune system, colds can easily get in a person. For instance, the sun shines very bright and suddenly rain comes out. Therefore, when you do not protect yourself, colds will simply enter in your body.Girl blowing her nose
  3. Fever: Sometimes, when colds and cough are not properly treated, it will result to fever. However, there are times that it can get through a person with an unhealthy physique.

The cure for these illnesses are just simple. However, if it is left untreated, there could be possibilities that it will become more serious and can be sometimes deadly. In reality, proper care of the body is the most effective way to get rid of the mentioned sicknesses.


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