5 Tips on How to Learn Any Instrument More Effectively

Learning an instrument can be very rewarding. You can keep yourself from being bored when you’re alone, you can entertain guests or friends by playing, or even make a career out of it. So, here are some tips you can use when learning how to play an instrument faster and more effectively.

On choosing the instrument

Learning an instrument requires a good amount of time and dedication. Given that, if you don’t like the instrument you’re trying to learn, you won’t be motivated enough to practice it. That’s why when choosing an instrument, it has to be something you really like. Of course, different music genres generally also use different instruments. So the type of music you listen to will generally have a big influence on what you want to play.

Be patient with yourself

Learning something new will take time. You have to remember that. Don’t worry if you don’t get the rhythm or even the positioning of the hands right. Even the most seasoned players started at your level at the beginning of their careers! It’s important to take it slow so that you can help your brain adjust to the movements more easily. You’ll get to your intended results soon enough.

Set goals

For example, if you’re learning the guitar, you can try to master the positioning of two chords in a week. This might sound like a small thing but setting goals will actually help you learn faster. It will also serve as a way for you to track your progress over time. Going from easy, to moderate, to hard while slowly achieving your goals can be very motivating.

Know how long you should practice

When learning any instrument, it’s actually recommended that you practice for 15-20 minutes each day instead of doing 5 hours in just one day each week. This is because you’d want to allow your brain to take short breaks while learning. It’s been found that learning something (regardless if it’s an instrument or not) for long periods is not ideal because the brain will get too tired of absorbing all the necessary information. Of course, if you feel like you can push it just above 20 minutes, it should still be fine.

Make practicing a habit

Another thing you should remember is to practice, practice, and practice. Include it in your daily routine and try to practice whenever you have time. This is one of, if not, the best way to learn any instrument faster. Simply because the main factor that drives learning is repetition. No matter how you put it, there will be gaps between your schedule wherein you’re doing nothing. So, take advantage of those times and practice!

Signs That Show You’re Not Eating Enough Vegetables

Though there are a lot of dishes in Singapore that contain vegetables, there are actually many people who don’t eat enough. Not consuming enough vegetables will actually manifest through your body more noticeably. Here are some signs you need to watch out for.

You have difficulty handling stress

Even though stress is a part of life, not eating enough veggies will actually make it even harder for you. This is because if you don’t get enough nutrients from vegetables, you’re going to get more and more inflammation in your body. This is both a cause and an effect of stress. Vegetables are known for their anti-inflammatory functions and not having enough will only lead to the production of more stress hormones.

You get sick easily

Another significant sign that you’re not eating enough vegetables is if you start getting sick a bit too often or you take too much time to recover from fevers. Again, this is because you’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system. The nutrients you get from vegetables also contribute to the cleansing of toxins and free radicals. Leafy green veggies, for example, are good sources of vitamin C which is said to significantly improve one’s immune functions.

You feel tired all the time

If you always feel exhausted, it might point to a lack of folate and other energizing nutrients. More than anything, deficiency in these nutrients causes fatigue and a feeling of constant exhaustion. Although there are still a lot of factors that cause tiredness, not eating enough vegetables can be a main factor. If you find that you’re constantly tired, reevaluate your diet and see if you’re having enough veggies.

Your mind is not in top condition

Having difficulty thinking clearly and remembering information are definite signs of a lack of nutrients from vegetables. Of course, it’s only natural that our cognitive processes are delayed as we get older, but it’s a different story if you start having memory problems even if you’re still young. Lutein, for example, is a nutrient found in many different kinds of vegetables. It is said to help enhance memory and other cognitive processes. If you don’t have enough, you can expect your mind to always be foggy.

You’re starting to gain weight

You’ll also have difficulty controlling your weight if you don’t eat enough vegetables. This is because you might be lacking the all-important nutrient for digestion, fiber. Fiber basically makes you feel full a lot quicker. So even if you just eat a little, you will already feel full and you won’t overeat anymore. This is why you can already feel satisfied with a vegetable salad.

How Being Mindful Helps Improves Your Dating Success

Mindfulness can be understood in different contexts. In meditation, for example, being mindful means paying attention to the present. In the context of dating, on the other hand, it is being conscious and proactive before going on any type of date. It means having a clear picture of what you really want and having the right thought process to act on it. Of course, that’s easier said than done. So, here are a few tips!

Set goals and expectations

Firstly, try to have specific criteria in mind when it comes to how you want your dating experience to go. You can have short-term goals, for example, keeping the conversation going for your first date and not having awkward silences. Or you can think about long-term goals like aiming for a serious relationship! Having goals and expectations help you stay proactive because you’re creating a dating experience that you can actually work towards.

Be strict with prospects

If you’re looking for a partner, don’t just look around everywhere. It will be way easier for you to find success if you curate potential partners strictly. Select an individual who, more or less, shares the same energy with you and has many similarities to you. This will be better than going around dating apps and matching with every single person you think is handsome or pretty. It’s not selfish at all to be mindful of what you want and catering to your standards from time to time!

Stay positive

Another thing to note is that you generally want to stay positive before, during, and after going on dates. When you’ve gone to many dates and have not found much success, it’s easy to start thinking negatively of yourself. But if you simply slide into negative thinking, you’re not doing yourself any favors as well. Stay positive helps you enjoy your time during dates so that even if you don’t technically match, you at least still have fun.

Be an active listener

If you think about it, being mindful revolves much around actually paying attention to the other person. Of course, this isn’t the only reason to actively listen. When your date knows that you are paying attention, he/she will surely appreciate it. This also doesn’t mean that you should listen the whole night and let them do all the talking. Ask questions, look for clarification, and don’t be distracted by your phone!

Still, be ready for rejection

Lastly, don’t forget that there’s always a chance you’ll get rejected at the end of the night. Be understanding about it and don’t take it personally. You have to remember that there’s nothing inherently wrong with you, rather, that the other person might just be looking for another type of person. Of course, rejection never really feels good. But you can view it from a bigger perspective and treat it as a stepping stone.

Quick Ways to Freshen Up Your Beauty Look in the Office

We can’t be the only one to start out our work day looking lovely while getting all the tasks done, only to find our makeup melting down by 4PM. Sure, there’s something to be said about long-wear makeup, but long-wear can only go so far when fluorescent lights and desks are involved. Don’t despair though, for there’s hope for your work day makeup look.

Here, we listed down five quick ways on how you could possibly refresh your look for that after-work party.

Scrunch Your Hair With Damp Hands

Running a few drops of water through your tresses will help in refreshing and reactivating any product that you applied on it. Simply flip your head upside down and massage your scalp using your fingertips to enjoy increased hair volume.

If frizz is your issue, use your palms to smooth down those unruly layers. If you’re thinking of sporting a super smooth look, rub a bit of hand cream on your palms and run them over the outer layers of your hair.

Carry a Pick-Me-Up Blotting Paper

If you haven’t been carrying blotting papers in your purse, then let this tip be a sign that you should start investing on one. Blotting papers have a multitude of uses aside from controlling your oily skin. They can be used to blow down your lipstick and blend your concealer or foundation into perfection sans the need to apply more.

Opt for a Tinted Lip Balm

We don’t need to remind you that lipsticks don’t always hold up after a long, stressful day at work. Even if its colour remains intact, there’s a huge chance that your lips will feel dry underneath. So instead of layering more lipstick, smooth on a complementary tinted lip balm to achieve a hydrated, plump-looking lips.

Reapply Your Blush

Blush is the key to achieving that glowing look, but it’s also one of the first things that fade considerably as the hours pass by. If there’s one thing you should do before leaving the office, it is to put some colour back into your face. If you haven’t brought your blush with you, simply use your fingers to blend a bit of lipstick onto the apples of your cheeks.

Curl Your Lashes

Avoid reapplying your mascara as it often results in clumping and spidery lashes, and just give your eyelashes a squeeze using your curler instead. It’ll instantly open your eyes, giving them a wider and more awake appearance. Just make sure that you curl your lashes gently if you’re already wearing some mascara so you could avoid breaking or pulling them out.

Ensuring that your makeup lasts all day requires more than just using long-wearing beauty products. So be sure to keep these tricks in mind, and we guarantee that your 9 to 5 face will be very grateful.

The Sweet Science: Why People Should Try Boxing

Many people think of boxing as a professional sport. There are also those who consider boxing a form of exercise. Of course, all this is correct. But many people don’t really consider doing boxing. Maybe contact sports just aren’t for them, or they prefer other forms of exercise. Even so, you might be convinced to try boxing at least once in your life. So read on!

It’s not just about the punches

The first reason has something to do with why boxing is called “the sweet science”. The use of the mind is also an important aspect of boxing. “Throw a faint, observe the opponent’s reaction, go for a 1-2, what do I do next?”

When you’re boxing, you train your mind just as much as you train your body. No matter if you’re doing it as exercise or to fight professionally, you’ll learn to think more critically and also think faster. This is one reason why boxing is so great.

You can punch the stress

If you’re one of the thousands of hardworking Singaporeans out there, you might be looking for a good way to relieve stress. For one, if you haven’t tried hitting a punching bag, you’ll find that it’s quite an exhilarating experience. If you’re mad, tired, or stressed out, you can take everything out on that punching bag without worrying about hurting it. Just being in a boxing gym can help you forget about your worries even just for a while.

It’s simply a great way to stay fit

If you want to lose weight or simply stay active, boxing might be a good choice. The initial assumption is that boxing mainly works the hands and the whole upper body. But the legs are actually doing most of the work. You have to dash in and out, move to the side, sometimes you even use your legs to put power into your punches. That being said, boxing works the body as a whole. You’ll be sure to bust a sweat in no time.

It’s fun!

More than anything, boxing is all about having fun. Because it’s mainly about fighting, you might think that you should always be serious in a boxing gym. That’s not the case at all! The first time you put on gloves can be exciting. Mitt training and shadow boxing can also be pretty fun. The best time though is when you start light sparring. You’ll have a fun time fighting against your sparring with a partner without worrying about getting hurt.

You have a way to defend yourself

When you find yourself in a less than ideal situation (let’s hope you don’t get into that), you might be able to use your boxing knowledge as self-defense. You’ll know how to punch with force and you’ll be able to dodge and defend against different attacks. When you do boxing, you at least know that you are capable of defending yourself in certain situations.

How to Create a Good First Impression Through Body Language

Two components make up any first impression. Everything you say and everything you do. When talking about first impressions, most of the advice people give will be on verbal communication. But non-verbal communication is also a very important dynamic in creating a good first impression.

That’s why you should also pay better attention to your own body language! So, without further ado, here are some tips to help you create a good first impression non-verbally.

Hold a good posture

When it comes to body language, one of the first things you should pay attention to is your posture. For one, it is the most actionable and it also really shows a lot about your health and confidence. So, stand up straight but don’t stay stiff! Keep yourself upright but let your body relax.

This is a very simple thing but it will surely affect how people see you. No matter what the situation, having good posture will be a reliable foundation when creating a first impression.

Don’t mask something you’re insecure about

The ironic thing about masking something you’re insecure about is that you’ll make it even more noticeable. For example, maybe you’re embarrassed about your teeth so you cover your mouth when you smile or simply not smile at all.

Others who spend a long time with you will start to notice what you’re doing and come to conclusions that you’re insecure about your teeth. The best thing to do here, really, is to embrace your flaws! Most people who see you accepting yourself will find that quality very appealing.

When it comes to eye contact…

People will advise you to always make eye contact, but doing it too much actually makes you look more like a creep. Of course, getting stared at would make any person feel uncomfortable. So, strike a balance with maintaining eye contact and choosing to look towards another direction.

Normally, you’ll be able to determine when to hold eye contact based on the context and the overall situation. Be mindful of when you’re already staring too much or when you’re not making any eye contact at all.

Point your feet to the direction of the person you’re talking to

This makes you face the person you’re talking to straight. Make your feet, chest, and face (basically your whole body) is facing the other person. This shows that you’re putting all your attention on him/her. It will feel like an unnoticeable thing in your perspective, but to the person you’re talking to, this will be very convincing.

For example, if you talk to a person and your body is not facing towards them, it signals that you already want to leave. So if you want to make a better first impression, make it clear through body language that your attention is fully on the other person.