4 Signs You’re Dating an Amazing Guy


Being in a relationship can bring a lot of joy and excitement into our lives. For the single ladies, there are so many fish in the sea; the options are endless. But for those who are already in a relationship, you may have wondered at some point whether the person you’re with is the right one for you. What if there are some things you chose to neglect? How are you going to make sure that he’s “the one”?

To help ease your mind, here are some signs that you are with an amazing guy and that you should be thankful for being in a relationship with a wonderful person.

  1. He loves everything about you—even your dorky, awkward side

Not all girls have the same grace and confidence as Marilyn Monroe. Maybe you have an awkward laugh, you drool while asleep or you’re uncomfortable around so many people. Maybe you tell bad jokes or stutter when you feel nervous. Whatever it is that you don’t find adorable in yourself is perfectly adorable for him. The feeling that you don’t have to pretend when you’re with him is just the best feeling in the world.

  1. He’s not scared to meet your dad

Many men cringe at the idea of meeting their girl’s parents, especially their dad. If your beau is actually excited to meet your folks, this is a good sign that you’re dating a keeper. A good boyfriend will never try to isolate himself from your family. Instead, he would be enthusiastic of the thought of him being part of your family—and be best buds with your dad.

  1. He trusts you, and you trust him completely

Trust is the most important thing in any relationship, and it’s crucial that the both of you are putting in equal effort to keep that trust. If you can have a ladies’ night out without him interrogating you the next morning about what you did and who you are with, then you know you’re in a healthy relationship. Likewise, he doesn’t give you a reason to question who he’s texting with or why he comes home late. Whatever the reason he tells you, you know it’s true.

  1. He doesn’t play multiple personalities

He doesn’t pretend to impress your parents, acts ‘cool’ when he’s around his or your friends or acts differently when you’re together to make you like him more. He is the same person all the time—consistent and honest. This is a good sign that the man you fell in love with will still be the same person fifty years from now.

Each of us has our own experiences of failed relationships, and it’s never a pleasant experience. Once you know you’re with the right person and you have an amazing relationship with him, value and keep it. While there are plenty of fish in the sea, it’s rare to find one that can be your lover and confidant.

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