5 Great Sports Bars in Singapore  

If you’re a sports fanatic who can’t come to the actual game, the next best place to watch the match is at a sports bar. Great thing there’s a lot of great bars here in the country catering to sports aficionados. Here are out top picks:


  1. Boomarang Bistro and Bar

This is the best spot for Aussies or anyone following Australian games. Boomarang regularly screens matches from the Land Down Under, including the NRL, AFL, super rugby and cricket Australia. A plus of the place is their delectable food choices, which include Australian favourites like pizzas, burgers, salads and seafood and grilled dishes.

  1. Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub

Say what you will about the Irish, but what you can’t deny about them is that they love sports and they love their drinks, which are the two things you ought to expect – nay, come for – at Muddy Murphy’s. This Irish pub features the biggest sporting event of the time like the World Cup and the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

  1. Beer Market @ Clarke Quay

This sports bar has a unique “beer exchange” concept, wherein the price of the beer actually fluctuates, going up or down depending on the demand (more orders means higher prices and vice-versa). It’s actually very fun and makes ordering a game in itself. The place also has a “happy hungry hour” when patrons can get a snack for just $4 or three snacks for only $10.


  1. Urban Fairways Golf Bar

The definite best hangout for golf lovers in the country, Urban Fairways features not just food and drinks and a great atmosphere, more importantly, they have golf simulators that customers can play using premium Taylor Made and Titleist golf equipment. The bar has also made a name as one of the best recreational hangouts in the CBD area for companies who want to hold mini tournaments or team bonding nights.

  1. Pyramid Sports Bar

Pyramid Sports Bar is a fun place to go to to unwind at the end of the day. It’s one of the, if not the best billiards hall in the country, featuring 14 international standard tables in all. Pyramid features a VIP room that can accommodate 15 people and has a large LCD TV – perfect for groups who want to watch an anticipated match in relative privacy.


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