5 Tips on How to Learn Any Instrument More Effectively

Learning an instrument can be very rewarding. You can keep yourself from being bored when you’re alone, you can entertain guests or friends by playing, or even make a career out of it. So, here are some tips you can use when learning how to play an instrument faster and more effectively.

On choosing the instrument

Learning an instrument requires a good amount of time and dedication. Given that, if you don’t like the instrument you’re trying to learn, you won’t be motivated enough to practice it. That’s why when choosing an instrument, it has to be something you really like. Of course, different music genres generally also use different instruments. So the type of music you listen to will generally have a big influence on what you want to play.

Be patient with yourself

Learning something new will take time. You have to remember that. Don’t worry if you don’t get the rhythm or even the positioning of the hands right. Even the most seasoned players started at your level at the beginning of their careers! It’s important to take it slow so that you can help your brain adjust to the movements more easily. You’ll get to your intended results soon enough.

Set goals

For example, if you’re learning the guitar, you can try to master the positioning of two chords in a week. This might sound like a small thing but setting goals will actually help you learn faster. It will also serve as a way for you to track your progress over time. Going from easy, to moderate, to hard while slowly achieving your goals can be very motivating.

Know how long you should practice

When learning any instrument, it’s actually recommended that you practice for 15-20 minutes each day instead of doing 5 hours in just one day each week. This is because you’d want to allow your brain to take short breaks while learning. It’s been found that learning something (regardless if it’s an instrument or not) for long periods is not ideal because the brain will get too tired of absorbing all the necessary information. Of course, if you feel like you can push it just above 20 minutes, it should still be fine.

Make practicing a habit

Another thing you should remember is to practice, practice, and practice. Include it in your daily routine and try to practice whenever you have time. This is one of, if not, the best way to learn any instrument faster. Simply because the main factor that drives learning is repetition. No matter how you put it, there will be gaps between your schedule wherein you’re doing nothing. So, take advantage of those times and practice!

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