6 Quick Fixes for Makeup Mishaps  

Most of us have surely experienced our fair share of makeup mishaps, from using the wrong shade of concealer to wearing the wrong shade of foundation. Luckily, there is a simple solution for every makeup problem, and we’re here to rescue you with these quick makeup fixes.


  1. The Index-Finger Trick for Lipstick Stain

This is an embarrassing yet very common makeup mishap. When it’s already there, all that you can do is to just wipe it off. However, you can avoid it from happening next time by doing the index-finger trick. Just place a quarter portion of your index finger in your mouth and gently pull it out. This way, any trace of lipstick near your teeth will be wiped off, leaving no chance to stain the teeth.

  1. Foundation Residue for Blush and Bronzer Overload

When applying blush and bronzer, it’s quite easy to go from Kardashian contour to muddy contour. If you accidentally dab too much product on your cheeks, lightly sweep your foundation brush over the area. The residue of the foundation you applied earlier will help tone down the hyper-pigmented products.

  1. Concealer for Eye Shadow Fallout

Although doing your eye makeup before applying your foundation is always recommended, many of us do the opposite. In cases where you’re left with sparkly pigments under your eyes, gently wipe them away using a cotton swab, and then dab a small amount of concealer to get that flawless undereye look again.


  1. Clean Wand for Clumpy Lashes

We usually end up clumping our lashes when building-up mascara. To deal with this, swipe your mascara wand on a clean tissue paper to remove excess product. Brush the wand to your lashes once again to separate them without adding more of the product.

  1. Makeup Spray for Excessive Powder Application

Applying too much powder makes the face look flat and cakey. Reverse this look with a couple of sprits of makeup setting spray. Besides absorbing excess powder, it provides a dewy look that makes the skin look healthy and glowing.

  1. Tissue-Concealer Combo for Smudged Lipstick

Another problem that occurs as easily as it is resolved is a smudged lipstick. If you see traces of colour bleeding outside your lip line, just blot it with tissue paper, and fix the smudged area with a concealer.

Makeup mishaps can happen to anyone, whether to beginners or professional makeup artists. However, there’s no need to worry as these problems are easy to resolve.  Just remember these quick fixes and you’ll be able to deal with any makeup mishap effortlessly.


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