A Secret to Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks happen due to sudden body changes. It is usually seen during pregnancy, puberty, and weight gain or loss. If we have stretch mark concerns, we always think about preventing or reducing it. Fear no more because there are a lot of ways we can do to lessen if not eliminate its presence.

We have four options: application of relevant acids together with vitamins, supplements, laser treatment and surgical treatment. Rest assured that these options are safe. Before making a decision, it is beneficial to discuss the general idea of the options mentioned above.

If we want to reduce stretch marks effectively and improve our skin’s appearance the natural way, we should use moisturizers or lotions. Aside from moisturizers, Retin-A (Retinoic Acid Cream) facilitates the stretching of the skin without tearing it. Obtaining Retin-A is difficult because we need a prescription. Glycolic acid is another thing. It helps in the production of collagen which makes the skin more elastic. Glycolic acid is in the family of compounds (Alpha-hydroxy Acid) responsible for chemical skin peeling. Obtaining Glycolic acid is easy because it can be bought over-the-counter.

Increasing of Vitamin C intake will do the trick. We are free to use Vitamin C together with glycolic acid for better results. We can also use Vitamin E oil but remember not to take it orally. Vitamin E oil works best if it is combined with our lotions or moisturizers.

If we want instant results, there exists laser treatment. Laser treatment for fresh stretch marks is called vascular laser. It is expensive requiring three to six sessions costing $450 per session. Laser treatment for old stretch marks is called laser resurfacing. It is more expensive because per session would cost $1000. It will only take three sessions though.

Surgical treatments like “tummy tuck” or “combination deal” are also available if we prefer it.

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