Quick Ways to Freshen Up Your Beauty Look in the Office

We can’t be the only one to start out our work day looking lovely while getting all the tasks done, only to find our makeup melting down by 4PM. Sure, there’s something to be said about long-wear makeup, but long-wear can only go so far when fluorescent lights and desks are involved. Don’t despair though, for there’s hope for your work day makeup look.

Here, we listed down five quick ways on how you could possibly refresh your look for that after-work party.

Scrunch Your Hair With Damp Hands

Running a few drops of water through your tresses will help in refreshing and reactivating any product that you applied on it. Simply flip your head upside down and massage your scalp using your fingertips to enjoy increased hair volume.

If frizz is your issue, use your palms to smooth down those unruly layers. If you’re thinking of sporting a super smooth look, rub a bit of hand cream on your palms and run them over the outer layers of your hair.

Carry a Pick-Me-Up Blotting Paper

If you haven’t been carrying blotting papers in your purse, then let this tip be a sign that you should start investing on one. Blotting papers have a multitude of uses aside from controlling your oily skin. They can be used to blow down your lipstick and blend your concealer or foundation into perfection sans the need to apply more.

Opt for a Tinted Lip Balm

We don’t need to remind you that lipsticks don’t always hold up after a long, stressful day at work. Even if its colour remains intact, there’s a huge chance that your lips will feel dry underneath. So instead of layering more lipstick, smooth on a complementary tinted lip balm to achieve a hydrated, plump-looking lips.

Reapply Your Blush

Blush is the key to achieving that glowing look, but it’s also one of the first things that fade considerably as the hours pass by. If there’s one thing you should do before leaving the office, it is to put some colour back into your face. If you haven’t brought your blush with you, simply use your fingers to blend a bit of lipstick onto the apples of your cheeks.

Curl Your Lashes

Avoid reapplying your mascara as it often results in clumping and spidery lashes, and just give your eyelashes a squeeze using your curler instead. It’ll instantly open your eyes, giving them a wider and more awake appearance. Just make sure that you curl your lashes gently if you’re already wearing some mascara so you could avoid breaking or pulling them out.

Ensuring that your makeup lasts all day requires more than just using long-wearing beauty products. So be sure to keep these tricks in mind, and we guarantee that your 9 to 5 face will be very grateful.

Beginner’s Guide to Applying Make-Up in Proper Order

For many women, make-up is a fun part of their everyday routine. Although it is not necessary to feel good about yourself, it can bring positive effect on how confident you feel with your look. So, if you are someone wanting to explore more on make-up, here’s a quick guide on the proper order of applying face products.


For a make-up to look flawless, the application should start by prepping the skin. Never put on make-up without smothering on some moisturizer first. It is important to avoid having dry spots and getting those dry patches once the foundation has set. If you’re going out and about most of the time, look for lightweight moisturizer in serum or gel formula. If you intend to be in an air-conditioned room most of the day, pick a thicker moisturizing cream to lock in moisture all day long.


Now that your skin is prepped, it’s time to pull out the make-up. Start with a thin layer of foundation. Then, apply concealer in areas where you have blemishes or want to hide something, such as pimple marks and dark undereye circle. Avoid concealers with yellow undertone, because they are too neutral to counteract redness and unevenness on your complexion. To help brighten the undereyes, opt for concealers with pink or peach undertones to hide bluish hue of undereye circles.


After you’ve smooth out the base, it’s time to start painting some colors. The eyeshadow look you want to achieve depends on your personal preferences, but generally you can get away by enhancing the natural shadows of your eyelids. A wash of brown, matte eyeshadow over the lids will give your eyes a little depth and emphasis. Complete it with a simple winged liner and a coat of mascara on your lashes, and you’re good to go.

Sculpt and Define

Now, it’s time to shape the face. Since you just smooth your skin out and cancelled out your face’s natural color, bring back the warmth by applying some bronzer around the perimeters of the face. Apply bronzer from the sides of your cheeks (nearest the ear) and work your way up to the temples and forehead. Next, apply blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending it up towards the temples as well. Finally, put on some highlight with a small brush on the highest point of your cheekbones for a subtle glow.


The last step is adding a pop of color to your entire look by putting on lipstick. But before that, make sure to exfoliate your lips to remove roughness and any peeling. Apply a layer of lip liner all over your lips and then top it off with your choice of lipstick or lip gloss.

Voila! You can now do your make-up just like how the pros would. The important thing here is that you know the proper order to ensure your make-up won’t look sloppy and will last for hours.

Keep These Beauty Tips in Mind Before Using a Liquid Lipstick

It’s a common scenario—you’re running late and badly need to amp up your look. You don’t have enough time to re-do your make-up nor to create an elaborate smokey eyeshadow. Then, a bright idea pops up: lipstick!

While a bright matte liquid lipstick can turn your look from bland to bomb, doing it properly requires a little finesse. Here are some expert beauty tips to keep in mind when you want to perfect the liquid lipstick gaming.

1. One Swipe Is All You Need
Matte liquid lipsticks are extremely pigmented and very opaque in just one swipe. Of course, you can add one more layer if you want to intensify the color. But be careful as it can look too heavy and can sink into the lines of your lips.

2. It’s Not for No-Makeup Look
If you thought you can pair a makeup-free face with an intense lip, think again! A perfectly painted lip is just too striking, so you will need to polish your brows, coat your lashes with mascara and even out your skin tone to balance the boldness of your lips.

3. Patience Is a Virtue
Since it’s liquid, you need to apply the product with a steady hand. Make sure you’re applying it in a well-lit room and get yourself a mirror and a lip liner as well. The lip liner lets you trace the outline of your lips and makes it easier to apply the liquid formula without going over your lip shape.

4. Exfoliate and Moisturize
Dry and flaky lips is a no-no if you want to use a liquid lipstick, so get exfoliating and swipe on a layer of lip balm before you start putting on your makeup. Regardless the product says non-drying, you still want to scrub our puckers and get them moisturized enough to eradicate flaking and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

5. Resist the Urge to Rub Your Lips
Many of us have learned through the years of applying lipstick to rub the lips together to distribute the color evenly. But when it comes to using liquid lipstick, just don’t. These products work like paints. Work fast to apply the product evenly onto your lips, but once it starts to dry, avoid adding more onto it or disrupting it by pressing your lips together. After a single, even coat, stay your lips steady for a minute or two, and then pat lightly with your fingertips to check if it has totally dried and set.

Liquid lipsticks can be a bit more complicated to apply than traditional bullet lipsticks, but many still prefer using them. Enjoy its boldness and long-lasting effect by using them the right way.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Dark Under-Eye Circles

Every hard-working girl knows what long, sleepless nights can do – bring forth dark under-eye circles. While there’s no better cure than getting enough snoozes, there are still some easy and simple ways on how you can prevent or get rid of those dreaded half-moons. Here, we listed down some of the amazing hacks you can use to banish the tired look for good.

1. Get Enough Sleep and Stay Hydrated

There’s no fool-proof trick that can help you completely prevent under-eye circles, but there are certainly some things that you can do to minimize them. Getting enough shut-eye is key, but so is putting down your happy-hour drink. Excessive alcohol and salt consumption will dehydrate you, making your eyes appear puffier and worsening the discoloration. Also, don’t forget to apply a good amount of facial sunscreen, as the sun’s harmful UV rays could damage the skin and worsen the problem.

2. Use Eye Creams and Moisturizers

If its hyperpigmentation you want to deal with, then make great use of the topical treatments available in the market. Just be extra careful in using products with containing ingredients like retinoids, vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids, as they can irritate the sensitive skin around your eye area. Apply the same eye cream (ideally one boosted with ingredients like glycerine and hyaluronic acid) that you use at night every morning to improve the discoloration of your under-eye circles, as well as to help your concealer smooth on better.

3. Consider Laser Treatments and Filling Agents

Before undergoing a laser treatment or using any filling agent, be sure to consult a board-certified cosmetic physician or dermatologist first to ensure that you’ll get the best results. If the darkness in your under-eye area is caused by visible blood vessels, then the doctor can treat it using a vascular laser. If the culprit is your age, however, then using a hyaluronic-acid filling agent, such as Belotero or Restylane will likely solve your problem. Just avoid overfilling it so you won’t the bags under your eyes won’t end up looking like they grew.

While there’s no absolute way to prevent the appearance of under-eye circles, doing the aforementioned beauty hacks will certainly help in minimizing those dreaded half-moons. So ensure that you pair these tips with enough shut-eye to minimize and improve the appearance of your dark under-eye circles.

Makeup Moderation: 5 Ways to Simplify Your Makeup Routine


After abstaining on wearing makeup for two weeks, I realized something: My morning makeup routine was too complicated. Two weeks was enough to get used to a shorter primping time. Before my makeup fast, I often spend 30 to 40 minutes just to get my makeup done every morning. These days, however, I only spend five to 10 minutes to get ready. So whether you’re heading to work or going back to school, here are some fool-proof tips on how you can streamline your makeup routine and get out of the door faster.


  1. Opt for Double-Duty Makeup Products

There are a lot of makeup products out there that were made to make your makeup routine faster and easier. When I’m in a rush, I apply some bronzer on the crease of my eye for some added definition – and if I want to even my eye makeup look, I simply use highlighter as an eyelid shade. Aside from this eye makeup products, there are also lip and cheek that can act as a lip and blush colour.

  1. Set Your Staple Products in One Place

Having easy access to your staple makeup products is another way of simplifying your beauty routine. Keep products like your favourite lip balm, mascara and brow pencil out in the open and ready to use. If your staple collection is small enough, simply stock them in a mug or pencil holder and place them on top of your vanity or desk.

  1. Use Semi-Permanent Products

While this may seem too gimmicky, using such products might come in handy if you spend majority of your time perfecting your eyebrows. A lot of Korean makeup brands offer peel-off eyebrow tints, which aids in bulking up eyebrows and lasts for several days. If you’re blessed with thin lashes, using a tinted mascara might be a good idea. Recently, Rimmel released Volume Colourist Mascara that tints the eyelashes over time and cuts down the time of daily mascara application.


  1. Accentuate One Facial Feature

It might sound cliché, but the advice to accentuate either your lips or your eyes isn’t just wise, it’s also helpful in streamlining your makeup routine. So if you’re planning to do a bold lip, simply swipe a few coats of mascara on your eyelashes and be done; if you’re going for a smoky eye look, just dab a small amount of sheer gloss on your lips and call it good.

  1. Take Good Care of Your Skin

When you take good care of your skin, a lot of makeup products that you thought you need will become obsolete. So shift your beauty priorities a little by investing in a good skincare regimen and sticking with it. You’ll be surprised at how having a flawless skin simplified your makeup routine.

Primping up in the morning can be a relaxing ‘me’ time for you. So avoid making it stressful on your part by following these tips to simplify your makeup routine.


Tricks to Get That Perfect Lipstick Look

Lipstick is definitely one of the favourite beauty product of every girl. But regardless of all of its winning traits, finding a flawless slap-on-and-go type of lip colour can be all too rare. Applying one and making it look perfect take some time, effort and real concentration – but there’s no need for you struggle anymore.  With these tried-and-true tricks, getting your lipstick look on point will be an easy-breezy.


  1. Use Some Makeup Removing Pen. If you constantly struggle with stray lipstick lines, then we suggest that you keep a makeup removing pen handy at all times. With this, you can now easily remove lipstick smears and smudges without leaving that greasy feeling behind. Its targeted tip will also make it easier for you to only erase the lines that you want to be removed. Just trace the pen around your lips’ outer edges to achieve the sharpest definition possible.
  1. Dust a Layer of Your Blush. Whether you’re after a matte finish or is looking to have more pigment, brushing a layer of powder blush over your lip look will surely give you these amazing results. This trick can also be used to change your lip colour too. If you want to make the shade of your hot pink lippie a bit hotter, just dust over your powdery formulas and see how the lip colour changes like magic.


  1. Practise the Old Lippie Tricks. Popping and pulling your finger into your mouth to ensure that no lipstick stains will be left on your teeth, and blotting tissue and translucent powder to make your lip colour last longer. You’ve probably heard these tips from your mom or grandma. Yes, these may seem like tricks of the old age, but these tricks really works wonders in achieving that flawless lipstick look, so don’t go ignoring them.
  1. Create Symmetry Using a Lip Liner. While we don’t recommend that you get hog-wild in using your lip liner to recreate your lip shape, using it to create some symmetry on your lips won’t hurt. If you’re going to wear lipstick, opt for liner that’s a shade close to your lipstick; if you plan to sport a natural look, go with a shade that’s a bit darker than your natural lip colour to create some dimension. Just ensure that you don’t line slightly outside your natural lip line while doing this.

There’s no denying that a lipstick is one product that instantly brightens up almost any look. So keep these tricks in mind to ensure that next time you apply your favourite lippie, it will be on point.