Effective Tips for College Teachers


The challenge of teaching college is that the students are now old enough to have a mind and strategy of their own. Especially with the emerging trends and easy access to information, one can just type the lesson for the day in the search engine and voila – lecture in an instant! However, teachers are in the university classroom for a reason. Teachers are professionals tasked to educate. Here are a few tips to be an effective one:


  1. Be updated. Students are hungry for the newest information. To keep them interested with learning, they must be fed with the most recent discoveries and theories. Doing research as you prepare for the lessons will likewise enrich your knowledge, thereby enriching the students’ too!


  1. Be open-minded. Teachers must show encouragement for students to speak their mind. Students must be allowed to ask and discuss topics relevant to the subject. By keeping an open-mind, that teacher shows humility and value for what others may think. Consequently, this will teach the students to have an open-mind too which is especially important when they all proceed to their chosen careers.

Teacher cleaning chalkboard with duster

  1. Be firm. Disciplining a bunch of school kids is way easier than disciplining a class of young adults. A college teacher must not be intimated and must be consistently firm in implementing the rules inside the classroom. There is a defined line between a student and a teacher. Being firm with projects, thesis and deadlines must be strictly followed to train the students. After all, flexibility in deadlines is nonexistent in the real world.


  1. Be a mentor. More than being a teacher, being a mentor will make the students remember everything – from theories to applications to life lessons, that you teach them. What the students experience during college can have lasting impact as they move on to their respective endeavors. As their teacher, you can greatly influence them with your technical knowledge and experiences you have accumulated over the years of teaching.

Being a teacher is a tough but fulfilling job. It requires a big heart to dedicate a portion of your life to the academe, teaching students with patience and grace. A teacher is a noble profession wherein passion plays a crucial role is sustaining the eagerness to teach. A college teacher has the most influence in the lives of soon-to-be graduating students. When you make the most of it, you become the effective college teacher!  As they leave the university grounds and embark on a different journey, they will likewise be most thankful to their college teachers.