PM’s Advice to Seekers of Private Degrees

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong joined a forum at MediaCorp television recently. The Prime Minister answered a lot of questions but the highlight really was the availability of jobs to degree holders. Lately, there were some worries and concerns that Singaporeans are after degrees that may not give them the necessary skills to find in demand jobs.


If you are planning to attend private educational institutions, the Prime Minister shared some advices. Here are some:

  • Make sure the degree is laborious in standard: When you choose a degree, you do not go for the one that is easy. You should go for a difficult or rigorous one especially when it comes to standard. Not all people prefer such so if you graduate, you have an edge already.
  • Make sure the degree is valuable: You also need to choose a degree that has value. You have to make sure that your degree provides you with the necessary skills.
  • Make sure the degree will provide jobs: More importantly, you have to make sure that the degree will provide you with jobs in the future. Choose a degree that will give you a lot of job options when you graduate.


To sum it up, the Prime Minister is advising students to do their homework first before they take up their degrees. If students choose private educational institutions, they can choose between National University of Singapore, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University.

The Prime Minister ended with a note. He said that not every degree guarantees job. Good luck out there and you find the right job for you!