Criteria to Have a Successful LASIK Surgery

Having a successful LASIK surgery in Singapore and getting the result that we want from the procedure are the things that all the laser eye surgery patients would want to achieve. However, a successful laser eye surgery isn’t just determined on the skill of the surgeon alone or the laser that will be used. The success of the operation also has something to do with the patient’s eye and overall health condition.


LASIK surgery is a good procedure to deal with your eye health conditions, but it isn’t meant for everyone. If you’re planning on getting a LASIK surgery, here are some of the criteria’s or qualifications that you might want to use to check if you’ll end up having a successful LASIK surgery.

1. You should have healthy eyes. It’s important that your eyes are in a healthy condition if you’re planning on undergoing a laser eye surgery. If you happen to have an eye condition, like dry eye syndrome, then it would be best to cancel the operation first and wait for the eye problem to resolve because it might affect the reaction of your eyes to the surgery.

Your doctor will also be able to detect if you have dry eye syndrome during the eye examinations before the LASIK Singapore surgery and you can ask them to have it treated first before you undergo the laser surgery. You can try using artificial tears, medicated eye drops, or fish oil supplements as treatments for your eye condition.


2. Your cornea should be thick enough for the surgery. Having thick corneas is one of the most important factors for the success of your LASIK Singapore surgery. Operating on a cornea that’s too thin or with an irregular surface can lead to undesirable results or worse, damage your eyesight.

Your vision must be stable even for a year or two. If you want to undergo a lasik singapore surgery then your vision should be stable for at least a year so that you can get a desirable result from your surgery. This factor disqualifies younger people in getting a laser eye surgery since their eyes haven’t settled into a certain prescription yet. You can also ask the help of your eye doctor if you’re not sure as to whether your eye prescription is stable or not.

3. You should have a good over-all health. A good over-all health would mean a good post-operative result. It’s important that you’re in good shape before you undergo the surgery so that you won’t experience any problem during the healing process which might give you an unsatisfactory result. Use of steroids and some medications should also be stopped since it can have some effect in your healing process and can worsen your dry eye syndrome.


Getting the result that you want after a laser eye surgery doesn’t solely depend on your surgeon and the procedure itself. You, as the patient, also have something to contribute to the success of the operation. So before you go and think about getting a LASIK surgery, find out if you fit in the qualifications first.