The Sweet Science: Why People Should Try Boxing

Many people think of boxing as a professional sport. There are also those who consider boxing a form of exercise. Of course, all this is correct. But many people don’t really consider doing boxing. Maybe contact sports just aren’t for them, or they prefer other forms of exercise. Even so, you might be convinced to try boxing at least once in your life. So read on!

It’s not just about the punches

The first reason has something to do with why boxing is called “the sweet science”. The use of the mind is also an important aspect of boxing. “Throw a faint, observe the opponent’s reaction, go for a 1-2, what do I do next?”

When you’re boxing, you train your mind just as much as you train your body. No matter if you’re doing it as exercise or to fight professionally, you’ll learn to think more critically and also think faster. This is one reason why boxing is so great.

You can punch the stress

If you’re one of the thousands of hardworking Singaporeans out there, you might be looking for a good way to relieve stress. For one, if you haven’t tried hitting a punching bag, you’ll find that it’s quite an exhilarating experience. If you’re mad, tired, or stressed out, you can take everything out on that punching bag without worrying about hurting it. Just being in a boxing gym can help you forget about your worries even just for a while.

It’s simply a great way to stay fit

If you want to lose weight or simply stay active, boxing might be a good choice. The initial assumption is that boxing mainly works the hands and the whole upper body. But the legs are actually doing most of the work. You have to dash in and out, move to the side, sometimes you even use your legs to put power into your punches. That being said, boxing works the body as a whole. You’ll be sure to bust a sweat in no time.

It’s fun!

More than anything, boxing is all about having fun. Because it’s mainly about fighting, you might think that you should always be serious in a boxing gym. That’s not the case at all! The first time you put on gloves can be exciting. Mitt training and shadow boxing can also be pretty fun. The best time though is when you start light sparring. You’ll have a fun time fighting against your sparring with a partner without worrying about getting hurt.

You have a way to defend yourself

When you find yourself in a less than ideal situation (let’s hope you don’t get into that), you might be able to use your boxing knowledge as self-defense. You’ll know how to punch with force and you’ll be able to dodge and defend against different attacks. When you do boxing, you at least know that you are capable of defending yourself in certain situations.

Why You Should Try Kayaking Today


Very few activities offer outdoor fanatics a wide range of experience as kayaking. Whether you are in for the peace of getting lost in the moment or for the heart-stopping rollercoaster excitement, this activity will never let you down. It’s one of the classic outdoor sport that provides an excellent workout, while putting you in the centre of nature. Aside from being fun and easy to do, here are other reasons why you should take your paddles and try kayaking now.


  1. Allows You to Appreciate Nature More

Unlike most outdoor activities, kayaking gives you the chance to get close and interact with nature. You get to travel and enjoy sceneries that only a few people are able to see. If you’ve tried recreational kayaking, then you must’ve noticed the tranquillity that comes with it – away from all the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s urban setting.

  1. Serves as an Excellent Social Activity

On a fun day out, kayakers create a strong bond with their fellow enthusiasts. Whether you want to have some fun, hang out or get on a competition, kayaking is a social activity perfect for anyone. It even qualifies as one of the few outdoor activities that you can do with your partner to create long-lasting and sensational memories.

  1. Acts as a Good Aerobic Exercise

Kayaking is one of the few activities that offer a certain level of aerobic exercise paired with upper body conditioning. Scientific researches even show that kayaking for an hour already burns 500 calories. So if you kayak for four hours, you get to shed off 2000 calories. It’s truly a fun and good way to lose some pounds.


  1. Tones the Tummy Area

Any fitness trainer will tell you that the abs is the hardest group of muscles to exercise. It’s so difficult to get firm and nice-looking abs given that the stomach area is usually packed with hard-to-eliminate fats. With kayaking, however, it’s possible to get that six-pack in just a short amount of time. The rotational paddling movements that you make while kayaking gives your core muscles some good exercise. Apart from your core muscles, the sport also provides an excellent workout for your triceps and biceps, leaving you with firm-looking arms.

  1. Relieves Stress

Stress relief is one of the most commonly cited benefit of kayaking. A study conducted by a group of researchers suggests that the sport provides more emotional and mental benefits that anyone would think. Patients with brain injuries were exposed to kayaking, and their records showed a 27 percent increase in the education, psychological, physiological and social scores after being engaged in the sport for 12 weeks.

While it’s all right to try some of the latest workout fads, it’s always nice to get back to the basics and enjoy the outdoors more. So grab your paddles now and see how kayaking can greatly improve your life.


Getting the “Big Guy” Look


Looking big and muscular is always a premium for any athletic man or just about any guy who is into fitness. Not only that it makes a man look good but it also makes it seem like the man exudes an aura of dominance around him. While some people are not naturally blessed with the height and body type to get the big guy look, here are, nonetheless, some tips for any man to look bigger.


  • Train Shoulders

Having big shoulders will make even a naturally skinny guy look bigger because shoulder workouts and exercises add some width across the upper body. Moreover, dominant and powerful men would always seem to have broad and wide shoulders.


  • Beef Up Your Legs

Never miss leg day! People will often take the leg muscles for granted. But they actually compose a good majority of a person’s muscle mass. Also, training the legs will make a man look more athletic and will be able to pull-off skinny jeans and shorts.


  • Blast the Tummy Fats

You would often see bouncers with big tummies. It does make them look dominant aside from having huge physiques. But we’re not here to pull-off the bouncer look. We want to look attractive and dominant at the same time. The best way to do so is to cut a lot of carbs out of your diet and eat clean to trim down the waist.


  • Boost Your Upper Back

Having a big upper back will make you look taller than you actually are because it improves a man’s posture. Go to the gym and lift your self up with pull-ups or go to the pull down machines to get a thick and muscular upper back.