Experiencing Thailand in Singapore

I know what you may be thinking, how can you experience Thailand in Singapore? Well, you may have guessed that there would be a little China or a little India in Singapore but did you know that there is actually a little Thailand? Singapore has and always will be one of the most diversified cultures in Asia with influences from all around the world and although you may have not pictured it out, Thailand actually has a special spot in Singapore.

Little Thailand might fool you at first glance as you pass by because of the multiple travel agencies and money changers which do not look so appealing but do not let this facade fool you. Golden Mile Complex is as Thailand as Singapore can get and everything from the clothing stores, the restaurants, the alleys, and even the people give off a huge resemblance of Thailand. Fun fact. The Golden Mile Complex actually has the biggest variety of Basil around in Singapore.

As you know, Thai food is composed of a large variety of vegetables which is why it is not a surprise that in little Thailand, you will find a huge variety of these vegetables. Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for, Thai food. Starting from the supermarket, you will already find food stalls around and even a small noodle bar but look around a little more and you’d find a stand that sells bananas fried in flour and coconut oil.

Although the taste may be a bit hard to picture out, the experience is absolutely beautiful. Hidden around the mall, you’ll find one of the most authentic Thai restaurants around called the Beerthai House Restaurant. The reason why we can so confidently claim that this place is authentic is because the owner of Beerthai House is also the president of the International Thai Chef Association of Singapore. What else proof would you possibly need?

Although not verified but there has been a rumor going on that they let you order Thai dishes even if they are off the menu. Have a try and see for yourself. These are just a few of the hidden gems you can find in the Thailand of Singapore and although this may not seem like much, the authenticity will amaze you as how they were able to retain the ingenuity of Thailand in Singapore. Singapore is a place that will amaze you as there is always something new to discover.

Caring For a Physically Challenged Loved One


Here in Singapore, there are people who suffer from paralysis – either partial or complete. Paralysis has this negative connotation for the patients that is why some do not wish to recover at all. It is best to refer them as patients who are physically challenged. If your loved one is living with a degree of paralysis, it is best that you know how to care for them.

But before knowing how to care for them, it is important that you know everything about it. Paralysis can be partial or complete. When you hear partial, it usually refers to a degree that affects one side of the body. Complete refer to paralysis that affect both sides of the body. It can also be paraplegia (affects lower half of the body) and quadriplegia (affects legs or arms).

Most of the time, the paralysis is caused by spinal injuries or strokes. The care will greatly vary on the nature and cause of the paralysis. Regardless, caregivers should be patient in learning ways to make the patient’s life easier and more meaningful. At first, it will shock the patients. You have to make adjustments and expect that the patients will go through series of stages from grieving, in denial, bargaining, depression and many more.

It does not end there because another concern is the mounting costs. It can indeed be terrifying for the patient and overwhelming for the caregiver but both needs to be strong. Here are some caring tips for your physically challenged loved one:

Body care

The physicians should give you some ideas about paralysis so you will know what to expect and what to do. Patients affected can experience different secondary conditions from blood clots, bed sores, low blood pressure, bowel infections and many more.

It is best to be vigilant for signs of secondary conditions but the general rule is to change the position of the patient at least every 2 hours. This is to prevent spread of bed sores. If left untreated, bed sores can be serious. Do not forget to establish an exercise routine.

Emotional care

Depression is normal especially if you just found out your life changed. As caregiver, it is always good to pay attention or be keen when it comes to the emotional wellbeing of the patient. Always look for red flags to include mood changes, oversleeping, weight loss or gain, loss of interests, negative thoughts and the like.

The first thing that you should do is to talk about it with your loved ones. It is crucial that you let him/her know that whatever the hurdles are, you are there to help, support and continue to love. Bring him/her to support groups if there is a need.

Unusual Addictions You’d Want to Avoid


When we hear the word “addiction”, the first things that come to mind are alcohol and drugs. Sure, they are common and affects way too many people, but these are not the only addictions that pose a threat to us. There are a lot of uncommon addictions that occur fairly often and cause major problems to those involved. To give you an idea, we’ve listed down some of these unusual addictions that you would very well avoid getting into.


  1. Working Too Much

Being a workaholic is something that most of us joke about, not thinking that it’s already a serious problem. A person who works overtime, seven days a week, is often considered as hardworking. Yet, this behaviour might be hiding a troublesome truth. If a person feels a compulsive need to work, for instance, or if he or she works to avoid facing negative emotions, then they could already be considered as workaholics.

Aside from causing a rift in your relationships, being workaholic also presents a threat to your health. It could cause you to constantly feel tired, experience trouble sleeping or gain weight. These symptoms might even cause more serious issues like increased blood pressure and heart attack.

  1. Lying

Telling lie after lie will only get you so far. They will accumulate eventually and cause a liar’s world to crash. Yet, this is something that compulsive liars don’t understand. For them, lying is completely normal, like breathing air, and even represents a form of satisfaction to them.

These liars would even go to great lengths, such as lying about an illness to get some financial gain or concealing their involvement in a murder. If their lie doesn’t pay off eventually, their mind would likely break down and it could lead to dangerous situations.


  1. Hoarding

We all have a certain item that we don’t want to get rid of. Perhaps they’re related to a fond memory of ours, making the act of throwing them away rather difficult or impossible. When this need to keep things turn into a compulsive behaviour, however, then you are likely dealing with hoarding.

Unlike in lying, the worst part about this addiction is that the person isn’t aware of the problem. They will continue collecting free stuff, buying things they think are unique or any other reason to hoard a particular item. What they don’t realize though, is the damage it brings. Your living conditions could become difficult, and it’ll eventually create some cracks in your relationships.

  1. Tanning

While it may not seem like it, tanning can actually turn into an addiction. People who opt to go tanning for a whole year are the ones who suffer from this addiction. They don’t realize that extreme exposure to UV lights could cause skin cancer and even eye damage. This is the very reason why tanning is never good for everyone, especially if it’s done regularly throughout the year.

While these habits may not seem like serious addictions at first sight, continuously doing these negative behaviours will lead to serious problems. If you’re already suffering from any of these addictions, then it’d be best to consult a professional and gradually work your way towards recovery.


Etiquettes That Make You Look Rich


In this world, manners matter more than anything else. Manners are important because it shows how you act and how you do certain things when you are around people. Manners can be the difference between a successful and failed venture. Many rich people are here in Singapore and they did not become as they are overnight.

Rich people have these certain habits that make them different from the ordinary crowd. Millionaires have etiquette habits and they have mastered it as it can help them in any social setting. According to Thomas C. Corley, a researcher who devoted five years of researching the habits of self-made millionaire, there is a difference between “poverty habits” and “rich habits”.


He said that mastering these habits will not make all people rich but it can certainly make a difference at the end of the day. So, here are the habits you see from rich people.

  1. Rich people express gratitude. The gratitude you feel towards other people should be shown no matter how simple the gesture is. Rich people are often seen sending out thank you cards. Saying thank you is important because it is a reflection of your character. Rich people give cards by personally sending it not via Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Rich people remember tiny details. If you are a client, you will be flattered that a person remembers tiny details about yourself like your birthday, your favorite food and color, hobbies and interests. Little details matter and gathering information is a sure way to success.


  1. Rich people know how to present themselves. You heard about “dress for success”. Rich people dress differently because it reflects their confidence. Clients will perceive you based on your dress so it is crucial that you know how to present yourself from different occasions like going to work, formal dinners, weddings and many more.


  1. Rich people introduce themselves appropriately. In this life, you have to work well that you no longer need to introduce yourself. If you are still starting, other people will remember you based on how you introduce yourself. Hence it is crucial that you learn to introduce yourself properly. Execute effective handshake if you must and master eye contact.


  1. Rich people have good table manners. Most people do not know how to eat properly but rich people do. If you are a high achiever, you need to master table manners if you think that you will get into many social settings.

There you go. Being rich is not easy but you can start from these things and work your way up.


The Secret to Being Attractive


When you hear attractive, you think of perfect contouring or toning of the body not to mention flawless skin, nice set of teeth and sparkling eyes. Well, that is the idea of being attractive to the opposite sex hat is why you quest for it. Most of the time, these ideals take time and costly but it can make a difference at the end of the day.


Here in Singapore, many people are so concerned of how they look that they tend not to notice other things that make them more attractive. Would you believe that there is a science that can make you more attractive and alluring? As it turned out, appeal has less to do with the physical appearance or how you look. Being attractive has more to do with how you show your emotions. Sounds emotional and cheesy, don’t you think?

Researchers from the University of Tubingen in Germany conducted an experiment about attractiveness. In the experiment, men respondents are showed of pictures of women pretending to be sad or scared and asked them to guess how these women are feeling. The research found out that when a man feels certain about the emotion of the woman, it instantly light up the pleasure circuits of the brain. This means that men are more attracted to women that they can read.


This tells you that you do not need to spend hours of contouring just to look attractive. It is more like showing your heart that is more attractive than any other physical things. This idea will surely take some getting used to because who would want to expose raw emotions especially to men? Many women practically hide their emotion. For men, nothing compares to showing your real emotion.

On a separate study conducted by the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris, it revealed that men find the woman’s face attractive particularly the shape. Men tend to get attracted to women with sparse face. According to Dr. Julien Renoult, the head researcher, “sparse face” refers to smooth skin, few wrinkles and smooth contour. In other words – simple looking faces. Sparse face is mostly remembered by men because of its simplicity thereby its efficiency in encoding it to the brain. For sparse face women, the brain will only use a number of neurons to process it easily.

It is unusual to say “I fancy her because of her expression” or “I like her because of her sparse face” but it takes time getting used to.


Why People Who Self-Talk Are Geniuses

When we see people talking or mumbling to themselves, our first instinct is to distance ourselves from them and write them off as weird. However, most of these people who have the habit of talking to themselves are not simply crazy.


Some people find talking to themselves as therapeutic and beneficial in keeping focus in what they do. Others like talking to themselves because during these times, they are able to come up with brilliant ideas helpful in their work.

If you are a person who self-talks, this is not something you have to be embarrassed of. In fact, a study shows that people who habitually talk to themselves are geniuses. Here are several reasons why.


Stimulating memory

Some people talk to themselves because it helps them jog their memory and remember stuff. When you talk to yourself, the body’s sensory mechanisms are activated so it’s easier to recall things. It is easier on the memory when we visualize the words and act according to it.


Helps in focusing

When we say things out loud, we tend to focus on the task more. It also helps in recognizing important stuff quickly. Talking to yourself helps enhance the mind’s visuals, making it easier to look for things and finish tasks.


Clarifying thoughts

When you are upset, you tend to distance yourself from others and vent your feelings to yourself. This way bottled up emotions and pent up feelings are released, making it easier for you to calm down and feel much better. When you talk to yourself about how you feel, it is easier to identify the right reaction to these emotions because there is no judgment or expectation from outside forces.