4 Things Not to Post on Social Media During the Holidays

The yuletide season is the best time of the year to collect beautiful memories. While some holiday celebrations are worth sharing to your social media friends, other more intimate events are best kept within people closest to you.

Here are the things we believe you’re better off not sharing on social media during this most wonderful time of the year.

1. All the gifts you got
It can be fun to compare gifts with friends, but remember that others are not as fortunate as you, and the expenses during the holidays can be a discreet reminder of overdue mortgage, credit depths and what may not be under the tree this year. Enjoy your gifts and be thankful, but be sensitive to other people’s lack of.

2. The gifts you didn’t like
Christmas is the best time to exercise gratitude. So, instead of rolling your eyes when you get a gift you didn’t quite like, smile and say thank you. Even if you wished your partner would have bought better than it or you are annoyed with another knitted sweater from your mom, it is always better to keep it offline. Remember the value of your relationship with these people rather than the value of the gifts you received.

3. The drama in the family
Just like your group of girl friends, all families have secrets too and you probably do not like every single one of your cousin, uncle or aunt. But if you want to throw shade to one of your cousin or reveal an estranged aunt’s bad habit, the social media is not the best venue for any of that. It will only ruin a meaningful and enjoyable family celebration since majority of your family members are also active in social media.

4. Your fight with beau
Okay, so you asked your husband to pick up the mini fruit cakes you planned to giveaway to every family member after the family dinner, but he forgot. Now you’re scrambling to make gingerbread cookies instead before everyone arrives. As tempting it may be to post a rant or sarcastic post about your husband, take a deep breath and stay away from your phone or laptop as much as you can. Again, the social media is not the best place to resolve any problem. Keep it between you and your partner, work it out together and move on for the sake of the fun Christmas spirit.

The holiday season is supposed to be celebrated festively with family, friends and people close to heart. Do not let your social media life negatively impact a joyful Christmas season.

9 Ways to Create that Flawless Instagram Post

Have you ever envied people whose Instagram posts are just utter perfection? Well, most people actually do. Here are some ways that will help you become an Instagram legend.


  1. Make a storyline. A photo containing a thousand words. This is the simplest yet hardest thing to do. The picture you will post must have a back story that corresponds to your pose and body language. To be able to create a natural yet awesome photo that speaks for itself is remarkable when thought out properly. Your Instagram post should be able to convey both body and spirit. The most important key to achieving this, is by simply being yourself.
  2. Post with purpose. Don’t post on Instagram just for the sake of posting. Make your IG feed desirable to look at. Each of your posts should educate, inform, nurture, and of course entertain your followers in the so called social space. We should all be reminded that people on Instagram are quick to unfollow if your IG feed is crummy and messy to watch.
  3. Caption it. Not short nor too long IG captions are the best. The perfect element for an extraordinary caption is to make it relatable to the content of your picture. Do not be afraid to cite a quotation from a famous book or person if you find it appropriate for the story the picture is creating. Indulge and express in your caption. Enjoy.
  4. Filter it. Filtering can make your photos look adequate, coherent, and beautiful. If you have a filter that you like and you find perfect for your canvass then apply it, and make it your signature filter. When you filter, don’t go overboard. Our tip is: Stay simple, let the real you come out of your pictures. Always remember, there is always a natural photographer in every individual.1-Nadine-Lustre-Instagram-Preen
  5. Brand your IG feed. Create a unique feature for your Instagram feed that would make people be more interested and follow your posts. Also, think in terms of a theme, just like a website make a theme for your IG account. Be it a color scheme, travel theme, or fashion themed or whatever suits your preference. It will make or break you, so brand yourself as well in your IG feed.
  6. Edit and Crop it. Nothing looks greater on the grid than a square sized Instagram photo that looks exquisite on our smart phones. But, nevertheless if the square sized crop doesn’t fit your liking then go with your hunch. Always believe that it would look spectacular either way. Come out of your comfort zone and edit it, resize it, sharpen it, adjust the brightness of its colors, make your photos look awesome in your perspective and everything else will eventually come into place.
  7. Use hashtags. It may sound mediocre but definitely it’s not. Using hashtags puts your post on the discover window. Usually, when you have a hashtag that is common among Instagram users then people will evaluate your photo among the rest. The right hashtag for the right photo will garner you more likes and more followers in the long run. Your post will be LEGENDARY.
  8. Broadcast it. Let’s face it we are living in the age of Technology, with robot taxi drivers and electronic buses. Probably, a quarter of the seven billion people here on earth have a social media account. It could be Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, Tumblr, so when posting your latest photo on Instagram don’t be afraid to take a screenshot and post in either of these social media sites. This will help people know that you have just updated your grid. They say curiosity kills the cat, this will make more people search your name and like that post. In just a matter of moments you will be the talk of the town.
  9. Find a photogenic spot. Your IG posts doesn’t have to be your picture all the time. Most successful bloggers delicately capture the essence of being one with nature or a place where the standards of beauty is at its highest. It could be a café, a museum, Sentosa Island if you must. The spot you choose defines you, be exceptional and picturesque.


The Dangers of Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging

There are a number of people who are fond of chatting. The act of chatting is exciting. Who would’ve thought that meeting and talking to other people around the world is possible. Chat rooms and instant messaging made things easier and more fun. But you should be careful because it poses danger.


You may see chatting harmless but it is the other way around. You should learn the dangers of chat rooms and instant messaging so you will know how to deal with it. Here’s an idea of the dangers of chat rooms and instant messaging:

Elusive identities

Sometimes it is hard to identify if you are talking to an actual human being because there are bots that can do the talking. Sometimes you are not sure if the person you are talking to is bluffing. Chatting online exposes you to deceit.

Other people might see the conversations

If you are talking to a specific person, you are not sure if the conversation is only for the both of you. Other people might see your conversations. If you divulge information, other people will see it and use it to their advantage.


Susceptibility to a particular attack

If you are talking to a person who is enthusiastic to share a link or a program, you should be wary because they can use it to attack your system and steal your information. If the person is encouraging you to open something, you should not comply.

Do not worry because there are ways that you can do to protect yourself against these dangers. The basic thing that you can do is to be mindful of the things that you reveal. Do not just reveal personal information unless you know who you are talking to. If it is a random person, do not divulge banking information and address.