9 Reasons to Try Coolsculpting

We live in an age where people aim to perfect their bodies and look their best. Unfortunately, not all of us like the way we look. This is the reason why many of us work hard to get in shape—eating healthily and going to the gym. However, a lot of us can’t seem to shed the extra bulges in certain areas of our bodies. To treat such areas, people now have two viable options: liposuction and coolsculpting.

Haven’t heard of coolsculpting? Here’s are some information about the procedure and the top reasons to try this amazing treatment.


What Is Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is a non-surgical treatment, which means that it does not need surgery or medication and has little to no downtime. This FDA-approved cosmetic procedure works by using a controlled cooling system that targets fat cells in certain areas of the body. After the cells are frozen, they die gradually and get flushed out of the body over a span of three to six months.

It is important to understand that the treatment is ideal for small pockets of fat only, since the body areas that can be treated are limited to the size of the machine’s applicators. This means that that this procedure is not a weight loss treatment, rather, for people who know about Astique Clinic coolsculpting in Singapore it is only a more convenient method of reducing fat in certain areas of the body, such as the bulk around the hip area or the bulge around the bra line.

Why You Should Try Coolsculpting

1. Confidence In Bikinis

Summer season is the time to enjoy the beach, bask in the sun, and show some skin in sexy bikinis. Who doesn’t want to look irresistible in a chic two-piece, right? Visit a Singapore cosmetic clinic for a coolsculpting treatment, and have a summer you’ll definitely love to remember.

2. Goodbye Shapewear

Women go to extreme lengths to have a leaner figure and look great in form-fitting clothing. If you have tried wearing Spanx and bustiers, you know the discomfort of putting yourself in and out of these garments. You also know that it could feel a little shameful once you take them off. But if you try coolsculpting in Singapore, you won’t ever have to rely on shapewear to look good in any clothes.

3. Bare Your Arms

Tired of wearing sleeved clothing to cover up your arms? If you feel uncomfortable wearing sleeveless clothing, maybe it’s time to try coolsculpting. Through the procedure, you’ll sculpt your arms and get rid of extra flab, enabling you to wear halters and tank tops without feeling self-conscious.

4. Better Results at the Gym

Religiously going to the gym for weeks and seeing no changes in the trouble areas of your body can be really frustrating. Cryolipolysis is a great fat-reduction procedure to have in conjunction to a rigid workout routine. Work hard to keep other parts of your body lean and healthy, and let coolsculpting take care of areas where exercise couldn’t.

5. Love Your Reflection

Look at the mirror. Do you like what you see or you’d wish to trim down a bit here and there for a more pleasing figure? If you prefer the latter, cryolipolysis contours your body and defines your curves more in order to appear shapelier in front of the mirror. The only downside is that you’ll become more vain for loving to be in front of the mirror a little too much.


6. Reduce Muffin Top

Apparent ‘love handles’ and ‘muffin tops’ are not very pleasant to the eyes. Having these extra bulges around the waist area makes us feel uncomfortable and conscious with our figure. But once you get rid of those fat cells, you don’t have to worry that your clothes hug too tight. Remember that your jeans should enhance your look, not ruin it.

7. Stop Crazy Diet Fads

Perhaps, you have been a fan of trendy diet methods, from going vegan to taking miracle diet pills. However, no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to lose those excess fats, particularly in the abdomen and thigh area. If you have tried all those crazy diet trends and still haven’t met your weight goals, it’s time for you to try coolsculpting in Singapore.

8. Have Fun Shopping

This is especially relatable to women in Singapore, since most of trendy women’s clothing is only available in average sizes. Having extra bulges in certain areas of the body only makes shopping a serious hassle. When trying out clothes, it would be a lot easier if you can find your size readily available on the rack. With coolsculpting you can fit in to skinny jeans and bodycons on display without asking the saleslady for a bigger size.

9. No Hassle

Cryolipolysis is non-surgical, which means there’s no recovery period needed. Unlike traditional cosmetic procedures for fat-reduction, this treatment can be quickly done in no more than an hour and allows you to go back to your routine right after the session. And if you are someone who’s terrified with the idea of going under the knife, this procedure is a great alternative for conventional liposuction.

Coolsculpting is indeed a revolutionary fat-reduction procedure that helps you achieve that leaner figure you have always dreamed of. What makes this procedure stand out in the sea of cosmetic treatment in Singapore is its non-invasive method of eliminating fat cells permanently. Thanks to its innovative cooling process, coolsculpting in Singapore succeeds where conventional fat-reduction treatments and heat-based procedures fail in dealing with body fats once and for all.