How to Pick a Gift for Newlyweds

While it is a lot easier to pick a gift for an individual, the task becomes much more complicated if you are required to give a gift for two people, especially a couple who just got married. So, do you give them something that they will both enjoy or something that can be useful for them in their new home?

Home Items
For practical individuals, giving newlyweds home items that they can use is never out of style. It will symbolize their journey into a life together as husband and wife. Most couples will be more than glad to accept home items after spending so much money on the wedding ceremony. Popular home item gifts include bed linens, bath items, small appliances, and cookware.

Home Decoration
If the couple is moving into a new home, it is a great idea to give them something that will be useful such as home decorations. It could be an artwork or framed picture that they can hang on the wall, or if you’re the artistic type, you can create the items yourself so they will always remember you.

Kitchen Items
One of the tests of marriage is preparing food in the kitchen, that is why kitchen items are also a popular gift idea besides other home items for the newlyweds. You can give them a beautiful set of dining ware or specially crafted tea set that they can put on display. If you’re feeling more generous, you can give them quality kitchen appliances that will be very useful.

Money to Spend
While this might seem lazy to you, it is a practical gift for a couple who has just spent a lot of money on the wedding ceremony. You could also send them gift cards or coupons they can spend on their honeymoon and a note saying you appreciate being part of their most important celebration.

Customized Item
This could be a pair of pillows, towels, shirts, mugs, or any other item that is specially made for the couple with their names or faces on them. The effort will let them know that you did not pick the items randomly, but that you have thought about them during the process.

Fun Items
You could also get an idea for a gift based on the common traits of the couple. For example, if they both love traveling, you can give them items that they can both use during their honeymoon. If the couple loves books, give them a title you think they might both enjoy.

Something Unusual
If you want the couple to remember you for your gift, pick something that will stand out from the usual items. It does not have to be useful or expensive, just something not everyone will think of giving, but will symbolize a couple’s new life as husband and wife.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Ring for Your Partner

Getting married is an expensive affair, and it doesn’t even begin with the wedding preparation at all, but with the engagement. For most modern couples, the start of the journey to a married life begins with the presentation of an engagement ring, but how do you even start selecting a ring that will express everything you feel for that special person? And is it more difficult to pick a wedding ring that will symbolize your commitment to each other?

Let’s look at the factors to consider when selecting the engagement ring and the wedding rings.

Choosing an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring isn’t just worn before the wedding, but it should also last for a lifetime as a reminder of your love for the person. A lot of people also love to show it off, because like it or not, there seems to be an unwritten rule that a proposal ring should be catchier than the wedding bands.

• Cost: The engagement ring is going to be expensive, so you should set a limit to how much you’re willing to spend for it. You might be tempted to give the priciest ring you can afford, but remember that the price isn’t the only thing you should consider.

• Gemstone: Let’s face it, a lot of people are attracted to the diamond, but there are also precious and semi-precious gems that are just as beautiful. If your partner knows how to pick gemstones, you’ll be embarrassed to know that it’s not just about the type of gemstone anymore, but the quality of the stone.

• Four Cs: When you speak of gemstone quality, there are four ways to determine if you’re buying excellent stones or not. The four Cs, such as color, clarity, cut and carat weight, don’t just apply to diamonds, but other gemstones as well.

    1. Color – Some clear gemstones for lovely and beautiful marriage rings in Singapore fetch higher prices than diamonds, that’s because more saturated the color of the gem, the rarer it is.

    2. Clarity – Most gems have inclusions or blemishes acquired from their exposure to earth and other natural factors. It doesn’t mean that it’s poor quality, but inclusions can either make the gem more beautiful or appear dull.

    3. Cut – How the gem was cut will affect its brilliance and scintillation. If the diamond is clear, for example, but poorly cut, the gem will look dull and cheap. If you’re going to choose a round diamond, experts recommend that you look for the arrows and hearts pattern that reflect the most light.

    4. Carat Weight – Gemstones are weighed in carats, and this can affect the price of the ring. The heavier or the bigger the gemstones, the more expensive the item is.

• Setting: Gemstones are held in place by prongs. Most experts recommend that you look for either a four-prong or six-prong setting so that the stone doesn’t fall off.

• Metal: Consider the type of metal for the ring band. Platinum is the most popular metal for gemstones because it’s durable and ductile, but you can also consider gold, silver, titanium, and white/rose gold.

• Lifestyle: Keep in mind your partner’s taste and lifestyle. Don’t give him/her something that he/she would be embarrassed to wear.

• Protection: If you decide to get a diamond ring, make sure that you ask for the certificate that details its characteristics. This certificate is separate from the warranty and appraisal of the jeweler. Legitimate diamond and other gemstone certificates are issued by any of the following: GIA, AGS, EGL, and HRD.

Choosing Your Wedding Rings

You and your partner should choose the wedding rings together to reflect both your tastes. Think of this tedious task as a prelude to many more such adventures (and misadventures) together once you’re married.

• Shop: Select only the shops in Singapore that have a solid reputation and have years of experience in wedding rings. This is even more important if you decide to get a customized wedding ring.

• Band: Your wedding ring should go with any type and color of outfit for any occasion, so pick gold, white gold or platinum for the metal. However, keep in mind that all these metals have their pros and cons.

• Gemstone: Some gems tend to be fragile and are prone to scratching and chipping, that is why most wedding bands don’t have them. If you both decide to pick a gemstone, make sure to pick the most secure setting.

• Quality: The wedding rings are not worn for certain occasions only, so pick materials that will last as long as (or longer than) your love for each other.

• Size: You should both book the fitting appointment at the time when your body temperature is normal and when you’re in a calm mood, and not in the morning or after a gym session.

• Lifestyle: It’s important to consider both your lifestyle, because you would want a wedding ring that is durable and will not chip easily when it comes into contact with other materials.

• Maintenance: You will know you’ve picked the best shop in Singapore if they can present you with a detailed receipt, the appropriate certificates (for gemstones), and a warranty that includes repairs and cleaning. Remember that as you both grow older together, the wedding ring might need resizing and repairs when your bodies change.

• Vintage Ring: Antique rings are also becoming popular in some shops in Singapore for their unique styles and patterns. When purchasing one, consider the material, condition, provenance, and era of the ring.

    1. Material – To determine if you’re getting quality material, refer to the four Cs above.

    2. Condition – Some antique rings need to be restored or resized, so check the history of the ring with your jeweler.

    3. Provenance – This refers to the original certificates, receipts or papers that guarantee that it’s an antique.

    4. Era – Some rings bear the mark or design of the period when it was created. You should expect that the older the ring is, the higher the price.

Choosing Your Bridal Dress Maker

Many women have already been fantasizing their perfect wedding gown back in the days when they were still reading stories of Cinderella and other fairytale princesses. Now that their most awaited day has finally arrived, there’s nothing more blissful than making a dream wedding gown come to life, and a wedding dress maker will help you with that.

Hiring a dressmaker, instead of buying an off-the-rack dress from a bridal boutique, is the solution to getting one-of-a-kind wedding gown that perfectly resembles the dress in your imagination. However, you need to make sure you hire the right wedding dress maker.

What Dressmakers Do?

There are two types of dressmakers—the one who specializes in making alterations to ready-made dresses and the one who can make a dress out from scratch. The right choice of dressmaker will be determined by your needs and budget. If you’re aiming to wear something unique and one-of-a-kind, you’re likely to get that from a seamstress who can create a dress out from scratch. Though you need to keep in mind that this can be a costly option since you will have to pay for the dressmaker’s experience, time, and effort. But if you don’t mind getting a gown from any local bridal studio in Singapore and just want to make sure that the dress fits you perfectly, buying an off-the-rack gown and have it altered to a seamstress is a more practical choice.

Furthermore, aside from altering the size of the dress, a beautiful bridal studio in Singapore can also help refine the details of a ready-made dress. They can remove or add train and bustle, change the lace, or change the style of the neckline.

How Much Time Is Needed?

If you’re having your bridal dress made from scratch, order it no later than eight months prior the wedding. Whether you’ll be having your dress custom-made or buy a ready-made one and alter it to your measurements, you will usually have two or three fittings once the dress is complete. Have your first fitting anywhere between two to three months prior to your wedding, and the final fitting one to two weeks before the wedding day.
However, you also have to consider that different dressmakers have different policies, and the time it takes to have your dress completed depends on the working speed and workload of your dressmaker, as well as the complexity of your gown. Therefore, the best thing to do is to contact a number of dressmakers in Singapore as soon as you say ‘yes’ to your sweetheart and inquire about how quickly they can deliver if you wish to order your wedding gown from them.

How to Choose a Dressmaker?

Before signing a contract or paying a deposit, you’ll need to find out whether your dressmaker is a good catch or not. Instead of going on a blind faith, determine a dressmaker’s qualifications and abilities to meet their client’s needs by considering the following tips.

• Ask for photos of previous wedding gowns and the sketches from which they are made from. This allows you to see how precise the dressmaker’s workmanship is in matching his or her sketches.
• Ask for contact numbers of previous clients who you can call for references. Ask about the dressmaker’s workmanship and ability to deal with their concerns and special requests.
• Read online reviews, and check your prospect dressmaker’s Facebook and other social networking pages to ensure there are no complaints against him or her.
• Interview the dressmaker. Ask about their training and education related to their job, as well as their experiences through the years. It would also be helpful if you’ll include questions like, “what’s the most complex gown you’ve created,” and “how long it took you to finish the dress.”
• Make sure the dressmaker specializes in the type of gown you want. A dressmaker who specializes in contemporary-themed dresses may not be the best choice for a vintage-inspired wedding gown.

How to Save Money?

If you’re looking for ways to save money, having a custom-made dress isn’t going to give you that. Perhaps, try choosing one from a local bridal boutique or department store and then have it altered by a dressmaker. If you really want a gown of your own choice of materials and style, you can possibly save a lot from ordering multiple items at the same time in the same shop. For example, have your gown custom-made in a bridal studio that offers great discount for brides who will purchase her veil, shoes, accessories, and bridesmaid dresses all at the same time.

However, bear in mind that a professional wedding dress studio in Singapore, even if they offer discounts, usually charge more compared to a typical local seamstress. You will also have to pay for the supplies required in making your wedding gown. Luxurious materials, like intricate laces, beads, pearls, and rhinestones, can make it even more costly. If price is an issue, you may have to balance well the cost and quality, so make sure to manage your expectations, choose someone with a small but remarkable portfolio, or consider buying a ready-made dress and then have it altered.

How to Communicate with Your Dressmaker?

Any dressmaker would appreciate an open communication when it comes to dealing with the dress’ design. They want you to be happy and look your best with your dress, and recommend their services to your family and friends, so don’t hesitate to tell them everything you want, and inform them if their headed in a direction with your bridal gown that’s not what you had envisioned. It is also equally important to turn up on time in your scheduled fittings, as these people, just like you, often have a lot of things to do.
Brides don’t have to sacrifice their dream wedding dress just to make their wedding possible. However, making realistic expectations and goals can go a long way in making sure that you won’t be getting something that you will regret afterwards. By planning well in advance and carefully interviewing each dressmaker you consider, there’s a greater chance for you to get the dress of your dreams without costing you a fortune.

Summary: Choosing the style and design of a wedding dress is just the initial part of creating your wedding gown. You have to make sure that the dress of your dreams is skillfully brought to life by a talented and experienced dressmaker. To be able to hire a good one, we’ve created some helpful tips to aid you in choosing your wedding dressmaker, so make sure to follow suit.

Getting Married

If you are getting married soon, you should be excited and thrilled about it. Preparing for the wedding is not easy but you can handle it for sure. There are a lot of things that you need to think about from the gowns to wedding hotel banquet but if you do it properly, you can have a successful wedding. Successful wedding is subjective. As long as you feel happy at the end of the day, no matter how many troubles, you will consider it a success. If you are the type that wants a perfect wedding, you should think ahead and do not procrastinate.


You can hire wedding planners that can take care of everything from your wedding hotel banquet to your transportation services. Wedding planners will surely give professional touch to your wedding. But if in this case you have budget constraints, you should plan your own wedding. You have to do the manual work from the littlest details like souvenirs to biggest details like wedding hotel banquet. You should consider a checklist for your wedding banquet Singapore so you can record and keep track of your development. If it is not enough, you can create a timeline. Here’s what you should include in your checklist:


You should talk about your theme. Your theme refers to an idea that can serve as your basis for the whole wedding. There are many themes that you can consider. For example, you can consider beach, hotel, garden, fairytale, traditional and many more. You should also determine the colour you want to integrate. This is important so you can look for the perfect venue, send the right invitation cards and set up the right decoration.


Wedding hotel banquet

If example you want a hotel wedding, you should scout for hotels here in Singapore. The cost of the hotel depends on the “star”. Five star hotels are very expensive. If you are thinking about money, perhaps three star hotels will do. You should also think about wedding hotel banquet. Of course, you want to share your happiness through wedding hotel banquet.


Wedding program

Before and after the meal, you should create a program to entertain your visitors or give them information. For example, you can show a video presentation of your love story. Everyone will surely think it is romantic.


Flower arrangement in the church, centrepieces and your bouquet should be catchy enough. Flowers can give more life to a place. Looking for flower arranger is easy.



The centrepiece of the wedding is you and your wedding gown. It is crucial that you look for a gown that suits you. Make sure it flatters your body. There are many bridal gowns here in Singapore. You can find one in time. Do not worry. Just do not lose hope.


Transportation and parking

You should also think about your transportation. You need transfers from the hotel to the church and vice versa. Look for hotels with spacious parking lots so your visitors will find parking easy.

Weddings are joyful events. Everyone should have fun and join you in welcoming your new life together. Weddings involve money but it is up to you to have a simple or an elaborate celebration. If you are the practical one, you should look for ways to maximize your resources.