Improving Yourself by Improving the Company You Keep

Getting with the wrong kinds of friends is a tough situation for everybody. No matter how much we may enjoy and care about those people, they still have a negative influence on us. The thing is, everybody influences everyone they are around. We can’t help it. That’s just what we do. Influence is something we cannot stop once it is right there, the best way to stop influence is to stray away from it.

Control Yourself by Controlling Your Surrounding

It is definitely impossible not to be influenced by your surroundings. Your surroundings shape what you think, how you feel, and who you are. Although it is your choice how you react to certain situations, let’s all remember that there wouldn’t be those kinds of situations if you didn’t put yourself in that kind of environment in the first place. Prevention is better than cure.

There have been a lot of debates as to which is better and most people have answered prevention. We won’t enforce this perspective onto you, instead, we’ll let you think for yourself. The thing is, when someone you know has already experienced something and you know is bad, why would you have to experience it for yourself too? Why not learn from their experience? You don’t always have to commit the same mistakes as others do.

Your Friends Influence the Kind of Person You Are

Now, it may be hard to pinpoint which of your friends aren’t good for your wellbeing, but also keep in mind that you should put aside the emotional attachment for a bit. Think deeply on who is an actual good friend and who are those friends you should stay away from or minimize contact with. There are a lot of people who you may think are good friends but are the total opposite. Determine which friends are essential to your growth and spend more time with them.

After all, there’s a saying that goes “tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are”. Wait a minute! Does this mean we have to cut ties with those people who are still our friends but aren’t very good for us? Well, not necessarily. You’d just have to limit the influence they can have on you. If you are used to hanging around those people every single day, cut it down a bit and spend more time with healthy people.

Your Wellbeing is More Important Than Your Friends

No matter how much your friends may mean to you, at the end of the day, you also have to look after yourself. This may seem sad but think of the future with your family and kids. Life will revolve around your family and you have to make sure you are within the best circle of influence for them too.

Documents That Only Professionals Should Translate

Document translation is a serious business. A foreign language can be so complex, it’s hard not to commit errors no matter how careful you are. In this regard, there are several types of documents that are best entrusted to professional translators. Insisting to figure out the message on your own may eventually lead to an even bigger issue.

You don’t want to be messing up important documents just for the sake of saving money. For all you know, you could end up spending more in the end. The best way to approach the situation is to use professional translation services. Let’s talk about three examples of papers that require professional document translation.

• Legal Documents. Legal document translation cannot be handled by just anyone. You don’t want to be sued for a mistake you inadvertently committed. You want to make sure that you understood the document correctly. Sort legal documents you need with the help of a professional. Taking risks is good once in a while, but there’s no room for that when you’re dealing with legal matters.

• Immigration Documents. All documents pertaining to your immigration application should be handled by professionals. If you need Singaporean document translation, for instance, then you need an expert in the language and someone well versed as well with the immigration process. You may be missing out on an important reminder, or committing a mistake that you’ve already been warned about. This applies to family documents most especially, as you will need to look into the papers of the younger family members.

You want everything carefully arranged and in order. Immigration can be a tedious process. You’d want to avoid prolonging it when you can. Mistakes can cause the papers to be sent back and forth, thereby dragging the process longer. Chances are you’re also working with deadlines and failure to comply can cause you to be fined. It’s beneficial to look for a reliable translation company that can help you go over all your immigration documents and make sure that all translations are complete and clear.

• Medical Documents. To someone outside of the medical industry, medical documents can be mind-boggling. More so if the paper would still require Singaporean document translation or any foreign language for that matter. Surely, you don’t want to compromise someone’s health or medical situation, hence it would give you peace of mind to leave all document translations necessary to the experts. A quality translation is necessary as data in medical documents are sensitive. If you need more time to find a professional to help you with the translation, let concerned parties know. Don’t rush the process.

Hiring Professional Translation Services Provider

If you need dental care assistance, you definitely would approach your dentist. If you need mentoring on your stock investments, then you could use some wisdom from experienced traders. At the same time, if you need document translation, go only to professional translators. You’re guaranteed quality service, especially if the company already has years of experience in translation and localization projects.

9 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Whether you’re preparing for an exam or you’re about to apply for that dream job, take a step back and follow these points before nervousness and anxiety take over.

1. Visualize Your Goals

The best way to motivate yourself to do your best is to visualize where you want to be a few years from now. Plan and don’t be afraid to dream big. Be realistic with your visions however. You should have short-term and long-term goals, but keep your mind open for other opportunities too.

2. Write it Down

Start a journal or you can just place sticky notes on the mirror so that every time you prepare for the day, you will be reminded of why you’re working hard. Some people give up halfway because of challenges, but a reminder should be enough push to get you going again.

3. Get Enough Sleep and Rest

Beat stress and anxiety with a good night’s sleep. You’ll feel fresh and clear-headed. Don’t decide when you’re tired. Rest for a bit so you can meditate and think about what you need to do. If that isn’t enough, treat yourself to a warm delicious meal or go out and exercise.

4. Reward Your Hard Work

Give yourself a pat on the head every time you accomplish something. Buy a new pair of shoes, watch that movie you’ve been dying to see or eat your favorite dessert. One job well done is one small step towards your goal.

5. Listen to Music

Feeling stressed and worn out? Listen to your favorite song or experiment with a new genre. Sing along and don’t mind what the neighbors say about your voice. Music is food for the soul. It’s also a great background for meditation and relaxation.

6. Prepare Smartly

Prepare everything you need ahead of time. That way you will still have a window for other plans. You are more likely to feel anxious if you rush and make mistakes. Plan and make a list of the tasks you need to complete before a deadline or an event.

7. Micromanage Tasks

People procrastinate because they don’t know how to begin a task. If a project at school for example seems like a hike up mountain, divide it into manageable tasks so it’s easier to complete. Don’t delay and start early so you still have time for corrections and additions.

8. Enjoy Your Tasks

Find joy in whatever you’re doing. Look in the mirror and erase that wrinkle on your forehead with a smile. Think about the reward if you’re finding it difficult to finish the job. Take short breaks while you’re working. Remind yourself what it is you’re after. Keep in mind that no worthwhile goal is easy to accomplish.

9. Don’t Compare

If you start looking at other people’s accomplishments, you will start seeing your shortcomings. Understand that everyone was a newbie once. Even your company’s CEO didn’t know everything the first time he/she started. Healthy competition is good for you, but jealousy is poison.

5 Amazing Jobs You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Sick and tired of the boring nine-to-five desk job? Tired of dealing with spreadsheets and numbers all day long? Been wanting to make extra income out of your passion? Then it might be time for a career shift. Here, we’ve listed down five more-than-the-usual jobs that are definitely a far cry from your current job.


  1. Ice Cream Tester. Are you a foodie? Make sure to include this criterion the next time you go job hunting. Professional ice cream taste testers have a really pleasurable job of trying out these sweet treats to help companies create interesting new flavours—and they do get paid for it. Yes, you’ll be on the risk of gaining a few pounds, but someone just needs to do it!


  1. Property Caretaker. If you live for both travel and adventure, then this job is for you. With enough luck, you could end up like Ben Southall, the caretaker of the luxurious Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. If the island life isn’t your thing, try looking into other properties like cabin lodges or even castles. Yup, you read that right, castles! So how’s that as your new office?


  1. Ethical Hacker. More of a social media and tech-savvy person? Use your brilliant skill to be an ethical or ‘white hat’ hacker. Your main job will be to solve various IT problems, protect computer systems, and stop hackers from penetrating networks. Sounds like a job of an undercover agent you see in films, right?


  1. Master Sommelier. Don’t have a college degree? Worry not, since the only skills required for this job is extensive knowledge and love for wine. A master sommelier is a position usually offered by posh and upscale restaurants to help customers with their choice of wine.


  1. Face Feeler. With hundreds of new skincare products out in the market, someone should be in-charge of testing them out. A face feeler’s job is to literally test how smooth and soft a person’s skin has become after using certain products. So, is the beauty girl in you interested yet?

Now that you know these peculiar jobs, you might want to take the chance to experience a more exciting job. As the saying goes, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


It’s Passion – Skills and Talent Not Anymore Needed

We all know that employers are looking for the almost perfect person to work on their company. However, it is not easy to find one because people have different attitudes. On the other hand, firms nowadays do not look for individuals who has the almost perfect skills but rather they choose individual that has the closest criteria to the person they want.


Being Passionate

Whatever happens, you need to love what you do and what you are about to do. When you have passion in any work that you want, the company will surely choose you. Being passionate about your work is simply saying that you are dedicated to work in a company no matter what. Even if how difficult the work is, there will still be something on your mind and heart to keep on doing it.


Following One’s Heart

Take for instance, a mentor that walks far away just to teach indigent villagers on mountain. It is a big sacrifice but he does not mind about it because his heart wants to do it. On the other hand, many individuals are talented, intellectual, experienced and knowledgeable of almost everything but it is still not an assurance that they are qualified to work.

Working for Money Alone

What if they all has these skills but their heart is not in their job. In short, they only want the salary that they receive monthly. Giving your heart to your work sums up all. You can be as competent as a clever and gifted individual can without exerting much effort. Furthermore, you will be happy doing your work.


Keeping Calm: An Edge to Getting Hired

You might get excited and at the same time shocked when a company makes a call on you about their good impression on your resume.  However, before you jump for excitement, do not think that you they have called you because they want to hire you. Keep in mind that you have not spoken with anyone in the company and that would be impossible for you to be immediately be hired.


Calm Down

Being excited about an interview is normal. You also get nervous at first and you do not know what to do but if you are in the situation, all you have to do is go for it and do whatever it takes to win the situation. Before the interview, you tend to practice all the answers to all possible questions that they will ask you.


Stay Professional

In addition, you might feel nervous and you cannot speak during the interview. Now, in the course of the interview, you will talk to a person you do not know and a person who only know you based on your resume. This is quite interesting but remember that it is a formal conversation and you should not make it casual. It is because when you make it, you will give the interviewers an idea that you are just fooling them.

Project a Skilled Worker

In this stage, do not do anything that would make the employers think that you are not capable about the job that you are applying. Always remember that your good reasoning skills and your ability to communicate is highly scouted. Hence, you should not take for granted any word that you say as this would make or break your chance of being hired.