Choosing Your Bridal Dress Maker

Many women have already been fantasizing their perfect wedding gown back in the days when they were still reading stories of Cinderella and other fairytale princesses. Now that their most awaited day has finally arrived, there’s nothing more blissful than making a dream wedding gown come to life, and a wedding dress maker will help you with that.

Hiring a dressmaker, instead of buying an off-the-rack dress from a bridal boutique, is the solution to getting one-of-a-kind wedding gown that perfectly resembles the dress in your imagination. However, you need to make sure you hire the right wedding dress maker.

What Dressmakers Do?

There are two types of dressmakers—the one who specializes in making alterations to ready-made dresses and the one who can make a dress out from scratch. The right choice of dressmaker will be determined by your needs and budget. If you’re aiming to wear something unique and one-of-a-kind, you’re likely to get that from a seamstress who can create a dress out from scratch. Though you need to keep in mind that this can be a costly option since you will have to pay for the dressmaker’s experience, time, and effort. But if you don’t mind getting a gown from any local bridal studio in Singapore and just want to make sure that the dress fits you perfectly, buying an off-the-rack gown and have it altered to a seamstress is a more practical choice.

Furthermore, aside from altering the size of the dress, a beautiful bridal studio in Singapore can also help refine the details of a ready-made dress. They can remove or add train and bustle, change the lace, or change the style of the neckline.

How Much Time Is Needed?

If you’re having your bridal dress made from scratch, order it no later than eight months prior the wedding. Whether you’ll be having your dress custom-made or buy a ready-made one and alter it to your measurements, you will usually have two or three fittings once the dress is complete. Have your first fitting anywhere between two to three months prior to your wedding, and the final fitting one to two weeks before the wedding day.
However, you also have to consider that different dressmakers have different policies, and the time it takes to have your dress completed depends on the working speed and workload of your dressmaker, as well as the complexity of your gown. Therefore, the best thing to do is to contact a number of dressmakers in Singapore as soon as you say ‘yes’ to your sweetheart and inquire about how quickly they can deliver if you wish to order your wedding gown from them.

How to Choose a Dressmaker?

Before signing a contract or paying a deposit, you’ll need to find out whether your dressmaker is a good catch or not. Instead of going on a blind faith, determine a dressmaker’s qualifications and abilities to meet their client’s needs by considering the following tips.

• Ask for photos of previous wedding gowns and the sketches from which they are made from. This allows you to see how precise the dressmaker’s workmanship is in matching his or her sketches.
• Ask for contact numbers of previous clients who you can call for references. Ask about the dressmaker’s workmanship and ability to deal with their concerns and special requests.
• Read online reviews, and check your prospect dressmaker’s Facebook and other social networking pages to ensure there are no complaints against him or her.
• Interview the dressmaker. Ask about their training and education related to their job, as well as their experiences through the years. It would also be helpful if you’ll include questions like, “what’s the most complex gown you’ve created,” and “how long it took you to finish the dress.”
• Make sure the dressmaker specializes in the type of gown you want. A dressmaker who specializes in contemporary-themed dresses may not be the best choice for a vintage-inspired wedding gown.

How to Save Money?

If you’re looking for ways to save money, having a custom-made dress isn’t going to give you that. Perhaps, try choosing one from a local bridal boutique or department store and then have it altered by a dressmaker. If you really want a gown of your own choice of materials and style, you can possibly save a lot from ordering multiple items at the same time in the same shop. For example, have your gown custom-made in a bridal studio that offers great discount for brides who will purchase her veil, shoes, accessories, and bridesmaid dresses all at the same time.

However, bear in mind that a professional wedding dress studio in Singapore, even if they offer discounts, usually charge more compared to a typical local seamstress. You will also have to pay for the supplies required in making your wedding gown. Luxurious materials, like intricate laces, beads, pearls, and rhinestones, can make it even more costly. If price is an issue, you may have to balance well the cost and quality, so make sure to manage your expectations, choose someone with a small but remarkable portfolio, or consider buying a ready-made dress and then have it altered.

How to Communicate with Your Dressmaker?

Any dressmaker would appreciate an open communication when it comes to dealing with the dress’ design. They want you to be happy and look your best with your dress, and recommend their services to your family and friends, so don’t hesitate to tell them everything you want, and inform them if their headed in a direction with your bridal gown that’s not what you had envisioned. It is also equally important to turn up on time in your scheduled fittings, as these people, just like you, often have a lot of things to do.
Brides don’t have to sacrifice their dream wedding dress just to make their wedding possible. However, making realistic expectations and goals can go a long way in making sure that you won’t be getting something that you will regret afterwards. By planning well in advance and carefully interviewing each dressmaker you consider, there’s a greater chance for you to get the dress of your dreams without costing you a fortune.

Summary: Choosing the style and design of a wedding dress is just the initial part of creating your wedding gown. You have to make sure that the dress of your dreams is skillfully brought to life by a talented and experienced dressmaker. To be able to hire a good one, we’ve created some helpful tips to aid you in choosing your wedding dressmaker, so make sure to follow suit.

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