Common Allergy Misconceptions and the Truths Behind Them


Almost all people here in Singapore have specific allergy condition – some just do not know it yet. When you hear allergy, it refers to the hypersensitivity of your immune system. This hypersensitivity will cause little to no problem. There are different kinds of allergy from food allergies, allergic rhinitis, drug allergies, eye allergies and many more.

Now that you know the different types of allergy, it is time that you know its causes. There are different causes of allergy and then suddenly you came across some myth busters so it dawned on you common allergy misconceptions. Many of allergy problems are not resolved because of some misconceptions. It is imperative that you know facts about common allergy.

Misconception 1: Short-furred pets do not bring allergy

Sometimes you hear that kids have this fur allergy. You begin to believe that pets with long furs can cause allergy so instead, you choose pets with shorter fur. Fact: regardless of the fur of your pet, it can cause allergy because it has something to do with their dander, body proteins (like saliva and urine) and their skin.

Misconception 2: Only vegetation nearby can cause allergies

Some people think that a specific plant in their yard is causing the seasonal allergies so the solution is to cut down that plant or tree. Few days after, you still experience allergies. Fact: no matter how you cut down a plant, pollens can travel thousands of miles through wind and currents. So, do not cut down that plant or tree, instead when you do outdoor activities, make sure to do it in the evening or early morning – when winds are not that strong.

Misconception 3: If you feel bloated after eating bread, you have celiac disease

Celiac disease is not that common. It refers to a gluten allergy. When you have this disease, you will suffer from nausea and diarrhoea. Many people think that they have this disease. Fact: it is the inability of the digestive system to break down carbohydrates found in wheat but not an allergic reaction; the symptoms include joint pain, headaches and bloating.

Misconception 3: It is not safe to take flu shots if you have egg allergy

Many mothers believe that the child’s intolerance to egg can have an effect on flu vaccine. Fact:  the egg has this protein that can have little to no effect on flu vaccine. Vaccines these days are egg-free if you are really serious about egg-allergy. Tell your doctor about this. You can even request for skin test before taking the vaccine.

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