Easy Ways to Help Your Grandparents Use Technology


Smartphones and internet offer connectivity tools that can be beneficial for the elderly, but most of them feel uncomfortable to use these resources. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to bridge the gap between their personal interests and the modern technology. Here, we’ve listed down some of the simplest ways on how you can help your grandparents make the most out of modern technology.


  1. Educate Them Through Their Interests

Anybody will feel motivated to learn when their interests are involved – and the same thing goes for your grandparents. Show them how modern technology is connected with their favourite activities like playing bingo. For instance, introducing them to an online bingo game might make them more interested to learn about the internet. By learning how to utilize the internet, the no longer need to ask other people on how to play a certain game or how to grow a particular flower in their backyard.

  1. Keep Things Simple

Learning to operate computers can be overwhelming especially for individuals who lack technological exposure. Fortunately, some gadget companies in Singapore are already providing tablets and computers that are geared toward the elderly. This will surely make it easier for your grandparents to get used to utilizing technology without feeling overwhelmed and getting frustrated. Remember that every positive learning experience they get makes them feel more interested to explore modern technology.


  1. Make Use of Their Sense of Nostalgia

Another way of engaging your older loved one to modern technology is to use their sense of nostalgia. Helping them view old photos and reconnecting with their old friends and relatives will surely aid in breaking through their technophobia. After seeing how useful the internet and computer can be, they’ll likely be more interested in further expanding their technical knowledge.

  1. Demonstrate the Human Element of Technology

It’s common for older people to see technological advancements as impersonal. To help you get past this misconception, you need to make them focus on the human elements present in modern technology. For instance, make them experience the joy sending an email to a relative or a friend and receiving a reply within a few days. A study showed that the instant level of connection provided by the internet inspired 80 percent of adults to start using email.

The best way to make anyone interested in new technology is to help them see how it’ll positively affect their life. So show the older members in your family everything there is to love in using technology by meeting them halfway.


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