Eating Habits You Should Abolish  

For our 2016 New Year’s resolution, we are determined to change our eating habits because we finally realized how badly it affects our health. We have to adopt new and healthier patterns and stick to it. To do this, we have to abolish eating habits.


Here are eating habits that we should abolish right away to give way to a happier and healthier life:

  • Too much drinking: Drinking alcohol will lower your inhibitions thereby spiking the appetite. Remember that cocktails have extra calories not to mention foods in between drinking. The surplus calories will accumulate.
  • Overeating foods that are healthy: There is nothing wrong to consume veggies and whole grains but there are some Singaporeans who love to eat healthy foods too much that they tend to overdo it.


  • Skipping meals: You so desperately want to lose weight faster so you skipped meals. This is not good since it can undermine weight loss efforts. There is a big chance you overeat to compensate for a skipped meal.
  • Emotional eating: Food is indeed a great and fulfilling refuge but it is not advisable to eat due to anxiety, boredom or anger. Even when you are happy, you tend to indulge. Emotional eating is difficult to challenge but you can overcome it.
  • Calorie counting: Your intentions are noble when you try to count calories but there will come a time that counting calories will make you more anxious and stressed out. You will never enjoy a good meal because you are counting the calories.

These habits should be abolished as soon as possible for a healthier and leaner you.


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