Etiquettes That Make You Look Rich


In this world, manners matter more than anything else. Manners are important because it shows how you act and how you do certain things when you are around people. Manners can be the difference between a successful and failed venture. Many rich people are here in Singapore and they did not become as they are overnight.

Rich people have these certain habits that make them different from the ordinary crowd. Millionaires have etiquette habits and they have mastered it as it can help them in any social setting. According to Thomas C. Corley, a researcher who devoted five years of researching the habits of self-made millionaire, there is a difference between “poverty habits” and “rich habits”.


He said that mastering these habits will not make all people rich but it can certainly make a difference at the end of the day. So, here are the habits you see from rich people.

  1. Rich people express gratitude. The gratitude you feel towards other people should be shown no matter how simple the gesture is. Rich people are often seen sending out thank you cards. Saying thank you is important because it is a reflection of your character. Rich people give cards by personally sending it not via Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Rich people remember tiny details. If you are a client, you will be flattered that a person remembers tiny details about yourself like your birthday, your favorite food and color, hobbies and interests. Little details matter and gathering information is a sure way to success.


  1. Rich people know how to present themselves. You heard about “dress for success”. Rich people dress differently because it reflects their confidence. Clients will perceive you based on your dress so it is crucial that you know how to present yourself from different occasions like going to work, formal dinners, weddings and many more.


  1. Rich people introduce themselves appropriately. In this life, you have to work well that you no longer need to introduce yourself. If you are still starting, other people will remember you based on how you introduce yourself. Hence it is crucial that you learn to introduce yourself properly. Execute effective handshake if you must and master eye contact.


  1. Rich people have good table manners. Most people do not know how to eat properly but rich people do. If you are a high achiever, you need to master table manners if you think that you will get into many social settings.

There you go. Being rich is not easy but you can start from these things and work your way up.


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