Getting the “Big Guy” Look


Looking big and muscular is always a premium for any athletic man or just about any guy who is into fitness. Not only that it makes a man look good but it also makes it seem like the man exudes an aura of dominance around him. While some people are not naturally blessed with the height and body type to get the big guy look, here are, nonetheless, some tips for any man to look bigger.


  • Train Shoulders

Having big shoulders will make even a naturally skinny guy look bigger because shoulder workouts and exercises add some width across the upper body. Moreover, dominant and powerful men would always seem to have broad and wide shoulders.


  • Beef Up Your Legs

Never miss leg day! People will often take the leg muscles for granted. But they actually compose a good majority of a person’s muscle mass. Also, training the legs will make a man look more athletic and will be able to pull-off skinny jeans and shorts.


  • Blast the Tummy Fats

You would often see bouncers with big tummies. It does make them look dominant aside from having huge physiques. But we’re not here to pull-off the bouncer look. We want to look attractive and dominant at the same time. The best way to do so is to cut a lot of carbs out of your diet and eat clean to trim down the waist.


  • Boost Your Upper Back

Having a big upper back will make you look taller than you actually are because it improves a man’s posture. Go to the gym and lift your self up with pull-ups or go to the pull down machines to get a thick and muscular upper back.


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